Sunday, December 24, 2006

Favorite Sports Movie

I was on sabbatical, but this morning MSNBC had an article that I thought would make for fun holiday blogging fodder. This particular writter had his top 10 list of sports movies. Now, I know that you guys might have differing opinions, as I totally did not like some of his choices, but I had watched a few in my lifetime and thought that I would list a few of mine and then see what yours might be.

Remember the Titans: I know that is about a high school team, but it was one of the best movies I have ever seen and it was about football. The game shots were excellent. IT had Denzel in some of his best acting ever.

Rocky: The first one. It was the first of its kind and the fight scenes were very exciting. After that the character got annoying . The wife character was really annoying. I don't know if I will see the newest chapter when it comes out.

Major League: Funniest baseball movie ever! It was about a Cleveland team that sucked. Hmmmmmm. So many good actors in it and they were all younger. Charlie Sheen was at his best in that one as the "Wild Thing".

Field of Dreams: Not totally a sports movie, but a great movie that used baseball and kept baseball from being totally boring.

The Replacements: Funny stuff. Gene hackman, Keanu Reeves. Say what you will, I still have a thing for him and football was secondary.

There you have it. Now, I think I'll get a bag of peanuts and hot dog and coke for about 25 bucks.

Play Ball!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Got Tagged?

Just a quickie, for fun, since the Drew tagged me on this book meme from Mixter.


The book closest to me is one that has always been a favorite. I am not currently reading it, but when I cleaned off the shelf, above my desk, it was the only one that I left up there, for some reason.

Tuesdays with Morrie.

Turn to page 123 and read what sentences 5-7 have to say.

" It's all part of the same problem, Mitch," Morrie said. "We put our values in the wrong things. And it leads to very disillusioned lives. I think we should talk about that."

Now, back to my sabbatical.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday Sabatical

Wishing a most joyous holiday and New Year to all bloggers!! I am taking the next few weeks off to regroup and get some much needed R&R. As I have been somewhat cranky recently I think I need to step back, read some more, re-evaluate and then look at everything with a new face.

I hope you all enjoy your families & freinds. I will still be reading all of your great & often very funny blogs and throwing my hat into the ring once in awhile.

All the best to you all and to all ...... a good night!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gold Star

Got an 87% on the big test last night. 110 questions. Scenarios out the wazoo. Going back to old info to see what we can recall and have committed to memory. I am happy with that.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Can not post on you beta bloggers. Not having any problems with Esteban etc. Just those on Beta. So let me just say. Mixter, as usual, good stuff. Love the Holiday Greeting!! May use that. Funny stuff.

Drew, great sunrise. No words necessary for that.

The Home Stretch & Other Stuff

Here we are closing in on the end of the month. It seems like I just started this class and was terrified that I would not make it through. Now, I am amazed at what I know and what I am retaining. I just did not think I could do it. Tonight I am taking my last big unit test before the end of class practical. Tonight is 190 questions all about trauma and bone injuries. This is the easy stuff!! The end of the year practical test is Jan. 20th. Just about a month away. Then I just have to take the online test p[ortion, whenever I can scedule it and find a test site that I don't mind driving to, and it will be all about the waiting game for grades and then finding that job.

Monday night, while waiting for class to begin, I was talking with a guy in my class. he seems to be a bit older than me, professional guy, I thought he seemed smart. he has traveled much. We were talking about looking forward to break and I mentioned that I might like to read Barak Obamas first book and see what the hub-bub is about with this guy. He said something like," You better watch out. That guys middle name is Muhammad or something like that". The tone of voice was one of caution. I was surprised. I felt like he was saying that the book spouted some kind of inflamitory rhetoric. So, I came home and looked him up on the internet. His middle name is Hussein, but his father was from Kenya and mother American. No wayward or crazy radical leanings. I still plan to get it for myself, Christmas gifet, and read it. I am still not getting on the band wagon and rushing him in to office. He might be a refreshing voice, but one with little experience. Although, at times, one wonders what the difference?

Got two big boxes wrapped last night. After 2 rolls of paper and almost an entire roll of tape. I told you I was bad!! Thick corners. I did add some ribbon and make it all frilly & nice. Had a nice red wine whilst in the act of wrapping. It was fun. next weekend I plan to do the rest. Listen to my friends holiday cd and get a bottle or two of my fave red wines. Go to town!! Even though it is 0 outside and all the snow is gone and it is raining i starting to get really excited for the holiday. They gave me the 24th off at the coffee mega giant and we are closed on the 25th. Nice.

My girlfriend heard from her son in Iraq. He is right there in the heart of it all and I am happy for her every time that he calls home. each time I hear of more Marines killed I just hope & pray that I do not get a call from her. He just turned 21. Another server at her restaurant has a daughter in 1st grade and they are sending him cards and letters for Christmas.

Have any of you heard about the 4 year old in kindergarten that got sent home for sexual harassment? A teachers aid filed the complaint and alleged that when she hugged him he put his face across her breasts. I am not sure, but doesn't that happen sometimes when you hug a kid and you happen to be a woman with larger breasts? They said it was the youngest person ever charged. Well, duh. I don't remember what state, maybe Texas, but if any of you have heard about it maybe you might weigh in. At 4 thay can not even comprehend that action taken by the school. Tha father, on a radio show, said that the school officials would not even discuss this with him and just suspended the kid. Personall I think 4 year olds are too young anyway to be in school. We waited until our son was 6 as boys do tend to be more immature anyway. He probably was just acting like a typical 4 year old getting a hug. Whatever!!

A Saturday Night Live DVD set just got released and it is the first 7 years. I am seriously thinking about getting it for us for Christmas. It is all the great stuff from the beginning. Excellent guest hosts and really good music. Richard Pryor is a host and he and John Beluhi do the Samuri Hotel and it is the first show where the samuri character is introduced. Classic stuff. It is 70 bucks though, so I will have to give that some thought, but it would be great to watch. I remember babysitting, when that show first came out, and wondering,"What the heck is this show?" I think I was about 12 or 13 at the time.

Well, coffee is about cold, dogs would like walked and I have to start with the flash cards.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Congratulations Truthiness!!

Congratulations go out to Steven Colbert, of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, for his coining on the "word of the year". Truthiness. He and Jon Stewart really have a corner on the news market, as far as I am concerned. If we are going to laugh at those who think that they are the "real" news people because they are ridiculous, then we might as well watch those who give us the news and don't take themselves, or their hair, too seriously!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

26 Years

It has been 26 years and I have never forgotten where I was when I heard that John Lennon had been shot. I was living in Fort Worth, Texas. I had moved there shortly after high school to live with friends. I had wanted to be an actress and there was plenty of dinner theatre and community theatre. I was taking classes part time at University of Texas in Arligton and working as a singing waitress at night.

I had been asleep and my roommate was awake watching television. I just happened to wake up as the news was coming on and they made the announcement. It woke me right up. I had always been a Beatles fan, but Lennon had always been my favorite. "Hard Days Night" was a movie that I would watch over and over because I had such a huge crush on John. I hated Yoko Ono, not because she broke them up, allegedly, but because she was married to him!

It hit me quite hard. Being younger, I guess I would compare it to the way kids reacted to Kurt Cobains death, I jsut stopped listening to the albums and could not play them for a very long time. I was just stunned and very sad.

The Beatles usually evoke strong emotions from people; either love them or hate them. I am not so gung ho that I think they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. I just happen to think that John did write some great lyrics and Paul wrote some great music and balads. In high school choir we always sang a few Beatles tunes. Never a big fan of the sappy love ballad, I always prefered the more political or thoughtful lyric. "Imagine" is one of my favorite albums to this day. I also love his Christmas song, "So This is Christmas...what have we done?"

I think I might ask Santa to leave the Imagine CD under the tree for me this year. Maybe the White Album too. I think that I have been very good this year.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good v. Evil

If we believe, as Bill O'Reilly would have us believe, there are only two types of people in this world. The "Dark Side" and the "Good Side". As if it were as simple as the world of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. It might be in his action figure filled world, and it seems, his newest book as well.

His newest tome is one that states that there are only two divisions of people. "Secular progressives" and "Traditionalists". Mr. O'Reilly offends me often and in so many ways, but let me just enumerate a few. Especially as I am sipping a nice blend of red wines, Menage a Trois, a California Red Table Wine. A blend of Zin, Cab and Merlot. Since it is from California that probably puts me in the category of secular traditionalist right away!! I am also having some bbq chicken pizza with red onion. YUM!!

Anyway, back on track, I may consider myself a "progressive", but not radically so. I am liberal in many of my views, but I am also a christian person and therefore am offened by his notion that I am a secularist type. He asserts that to be progressive means that we have gloven hooves and horns!! For cryin' out loud. I am tired of being blamed for everything that is wrong with this country. Once againb, who made Mr. O'Reilly and his ilk the "moral gatekeepers" of society?

I agree that there is a culture war in this country, but not the way he sees it. College is becoming something only the elite can afford. The gap between the "haves" and " have nots" is getting widder and widder. Hasn't he read about the growing numbers of uninsured in this country? Not to mention the numbers that are losing their homes to sheriff sales? The middle classes can no longer even afford to own their own homes. That is a culture war. A "let them eat cake" society if you will.

He states, in his book, that "his side" believes that the United States was well founded by the founding fathers. I agree. I have no argument with the founding fathers or the way this country was founded. I love history and the history of this country. He makes it out to sound like there is a particular camp that would find fault with our very beginnings!! Granted, there are all kinds in this world, but I can not believe that he would find too many that would argue the merits of those who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence.

He goes on to further discuss his degree and getting his masters. I am very happy that he was able to do so, but as I stated before college is becoming a thing that only those with the means can afford. When I graduated, in 1999, I was thrilled and now, 7 years later can not afford to even attempt to get my masters due to the high cost of college. To take one 3 hour course is about $1,000.00. I am STILL paying back my first education and I will probably only finish in time to TRY and send my son.

O'Reilly likes to talk as if he has his finger on the pulse of the people. In reality he likes to keep things stired up and stired up in a very negative way. It keeps his book selling and the ratings up on his show. Controversy is a seller!! People like to stop by and see what all the comotion is about. It is not something that he wrote for the betterment or improvement of humanity, but just something else to draw divisive lines and keep the societal groups seperated. He is a divider, not a uniter. He certainly belongs with the "decider".

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Debate Rages On.

It seems that before the Republicans pack up their belongings and clean out their desks they are going to schedule a vote on a fetal pain abortion bill. I am tired of this debate. Why do the Republicans feel that it is their job to legislate this issue and the gay marriage issue. Why are these two items the main stays of their platform? The fact that some of them will insist that under no circumstance should a woman be allowed to abort. Incest and rape included. They would actually insist that their own wife or daughter carry a child from a violent act? They would force her to endure 9 months of remembrances. To then do what with the child? Give it up for adoption? Do you think these guys would raise it in their upper class homes and neighborhoods? I think not.

There will always be scientists etc. that they will be able to find who can argue for both sides of this issue, so I do not even want to get into the science of it. I just want to be able to continue to have a choice.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beauty & Death

Quite the unusal title for a post, but I could not come up with something more witty that would go along with the two unusual pairings that I am offering up today. Spent a good amount of time studying the musculoskeletal system and brain trauma / neck and head injury while also taking breaks, at the coffee mega giant, to read all the newspapers. A treat that I have not had time to indulge recently. I have not worked since Tuesday and do not work again until next Monday, so I am able to take a slower pace and not push quite so hard.

Anyway, among all the more important news items of poisoned spies, the war, Prez and his escapades, more police shootings and other such topics there were two things that caught my attention that could not be more diverse from each other. Beauty and death.

Assisted suicide is what we like to call it in this country. It is illegal in Spain. A woman with muscular dystrophy is seeking help to die. She has been in a hospital bed for 20 years. Immaculada Echevarria is now 51 years old. That means that at the age of 31, when life is still so young and with much joy to be had, she became bed ridden. She says that , " Life stopped having meaning for ma a long time ago. I want them to help me die because I have spent my whole life suffering." She fell ill at the age of 11 and must be connected to a respirator to stay alive. She wants to be taken off and allowed to die. In May, of this year, a man was taken off his ventilator, by an unknow source and he died. he too had a terminal illness and because it could not be proven who pulled the plug no one was ever charged. She is asking her government to reconsider their law.

I know that if I was close to someone that was in this type of situation and they asked me I do not think that I could tell them no. How can we watch anyone that we love and care for suffer? Especially through dibilitating diseases? All and any religious thoughts and / or notes aside. Why is it so wrong? To honor the wishes of those we love? If this is their desire and they are still able to articulate their wishes? The diseases are not only killing the person who has it, but also those family members that must watch them daily and care for them or visit them in special nursing home and hospitals.

This lady just wants to be unhooked so she can stop breathing. She is not even asking for any lethal drugs, just some sedation to ease whatever pain and so she would not suffer. Is that too much to ask? Who should decide how long to prolong the suffering of others?

Then finally, we come to the big business of beauty. It seems, according to today's New York Times article, that Americans spend around $12 billion a year, and that is an estimate, on invasive beauty stuff like Botox etc. It is such a lucrative line to follow that even more traditional doctors, such as OBGYN's are now getting into the race. The race for the almighty beauty dollar and a piece of the "Barbie pie". Five years ago all of this was the domain of plastic surgeons and their ilk, but now it seems that everyone is wanting to spread their wings and enter the fray. It seems as if injecting Botox to smooth out wrinkles, Restylane to fill out smiles plump their lips is the menu du jour. Since medical insurance does not cover this sort of vain procedure it is all cash up front and there you have the, pardon the pun, beauty of it all. oodles of women and maybe even some men are willing to dish out big bucks for the chance to keep looking younger. Seriously, look how good Joan Rivers looks!!

I don't know. I know that doctors do have hefty insurances to pay and they are looking for lucrative ways to add some extra cash to their coffers, but the article does go on to say that they are not getting the same length of training that regular platic surgeons etc. receive.

Sure, I would love to be able to afford some of this stuff. If the idea of injecting botulism into my face did not also scare the crap out of me. I still can not believe that a local up scale community around here actually has Botox parties!! Well, maybe soon the Tupperware ladies will also be able to shoot ya up and cover both avenues. Then, if they also start to sell pizza stones and veggie dips they will have a corner on the market. A market that does not ahow any signs of slowing down.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Note & Post Script

None of the photos, that accompany the following post, are from my dinner or famil. Just found the on the net.

Holiday Aftermath

Seems that everyone has made it through, yet another, holiday food fest. Complete with television sports, mega shopping and pies galore. Oh, and yes..... family members. I think everyone must have some degree of dysfunctionality in their family and the holidays just make us have to endure. I loved the quote by Esteban, " ...drink enough alcohol so that I can tolerate my relatives, but not so much that I tell them what I think of them." Very good advice indeed!!

I began the "holidaze" by getting up at 5:30AM and adding some of the new carmel flavored Baileys to my coffee. I have a bottle in my fridge throughout the entire holiday season. By 11:00 I had the mamoth 20lb. bird in the oven, sans dressing because I hate that crap crammed inside the turkey, and moved into the realm of red wine. My mom & I watched the Macy's parade and then the dog show. Love the dog show!! Although we were not happy with the choice for "Best in Show". A white toy poodle!! YUCK!! My fav group, naturally, is the working and sporting groups as I like and have a big dog. A Golden.

My youngest brother and his new fiance and his daughters came by for finger foods. They were doing her side for dinner. Trying to make the impression and introduce his kids to her side. She has a 4 year old son, but he was with his father. This was the dysfunction that I was speaking of earlier. He has his head so far up his ass right now that he has totally left our mom in some unpleasant circumstances. SO & I had to jump in and help her out. It is not looking too promising, they plan a wedding next summer, but he can't be advised, so we are just letting it run its course. No advice.

So, we watched Elf and Christmas Story. They left and mom, son & I had our small, but tasty feast. Pie and brownies later. Son went to hang with friends and mom & I went to play cards with a gaggle of my girlfriends.

When we arrived there were many varieties of wine on the table and a different wig on every chair. As the game went along we would all put on a wig, take pictures, and then pass the wig to the left and put on a diff wig the next time. Fun stuff. My mom looked particularly funny, at 72, in the very long bright red wig!! We howled. Played a card game called Michigan Rummy that is played with pennies. My mom cleaned up. Then a game with quaters. We moved up to the big bucks as you can see. Taht game was called 31. I was a loser in all games. A winner with friends and mom had a blast!! Although we were full to our eyeballs we had cheese and crackers there along with our wine. Mom would sleep VERY well tonight!!!

Gave mom an early Christmas gift. AAA membership and a cell phone. Told her that she neede it. Driving back and forth to our house alone. She neede it in case of emergency.

Got myself that Abby Seixas book, "Finding the Deep River Within. A Womans Guide to Finding Balance & Meaning in Everyday Life". Although the irony is, trying to find that time to sit and read!! Mom went home a day early, so I have been able to start it. I like it very much, although I laugh at the thought of skipping to the "balance & meaning" parts!! There are only 199 pages, so it will be a quick read... when I can do it. I am only scheduled 2 days this next week, at the coffee mega giant, so I should find some time. When I am not getting immunizations for school or reading about blood and trauma.

A good friend recently was asking me questions about their life and pondering their own sense of freedom. I thought that I might address that here. The reason is that many people feel that they are not who they could really "be".

You can be as free as you want to be. Yes, there are family and work obligations. Some societal ones too, but the only thing stopping you is where you set your own bar. I almost let myself get persuaded to take another path, but that did not feel right. I knew I had to make my own choice. If you always worry about what everyone will think of you, you will never do anything for yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing things that you want. Sometimes it is okay to be self centered!! Does the fact that you have a family mean that you no longer have your own dreams and/or desires? Just because we are "grown-ups" does not mean that we have to settle. Just go with what everyone else thinks we should be and do. We have talents and abilities. Those did not die when we got married, had kids, bought a house etc. Just because we have jobs and bills etc. does not mean that those things are all that is left of our true essence, ouyr real self.

Sometimes we have to tell the others that we are involved with, whether it be a boyfirend, girlfirend or spouse, that I have to do this for me. As long as you're not running off and leaving them to see the world. If they love you how can they deny you your path? Everything we do in this life is not, nor does it have to be, about them. You are still a valuable person too.

You are as free as you allow yourself to be. You can be your own worst enemy. The things that hold you back are there because you put them there because you think that they should be. You hold yourself back because you think there that there are only certain roles that you can and should play. That is not rue. Only you can allow yourself move into new and different areas. It's all up to you.

Off the soap box. Now it is back to a busy week of work and school. heading to the Health Dept. on Wednesday for immunizations and hope to be able to begin my hours in the ER by the beginning of Dec. I just have to have them all in before the national test in Jan.

Hope to get our tree up soon. Son will have to help, unless SO is back from Brazil later this week. May be home for 2-3 days and then he is off to Finland. They are trying to get things caught up, as much as possible so he can can be here for Christmas and then he will be off to Australia. Only problem with doing all the shopping myself is that I will also have to wrap it all!!

Oh well, no worries. I can only do what I can do!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all enjoy your family time & turkey!! Oh yeah, too.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Junk Drawer II

It seems that there are a few things to pull out of the junk drawer today.

Options in Iraq. Seems that the Pentagon has brought out the football jargon to name their strategies. We have, for your listening pleasure, "Bo Big", "Go Long", "Go Home". I guess that last one could be more suitably linked to baseball. Anyway, the Washington Post had the article posted on MSNBC. Even though I hate this war and I am very opposed to the entire situation I have to admit, based on what I am reading, that the idea of a total mass pull-out might be leaving an even bigger mess behind. As someone with a draftable age son, in 2 years, I hate the idea of a long drawn out war and the possibility of all that mess. The "Go Long" plan is what they are calling a hybrid mix and seems to make the most sense. Although it doesn't change how much I hate this.

In another juicy Post article, posted over at MSNBC, it seems that there is a bitter falling out going on in the Republican party. Imagine that! It seems that the President has friends that are dropping him. Kenneth Adelman, who had at one time toasted the Prez and Dick Cheney for their successes and Iraq policy is now no longer speaking to any of them. He had a huge falling out with Rumsfeld, no longer speaks to Cheney and holds the Prez responsible for what he calls, "The debacle in Iraq". He further went on to say,"....this did not have to be managed this bad. It's just awful. There are a lot of lives lost". Seems that more and more the people from his own camp are taking off the rose colored glasses. A sad wake-up call, don't you think?

I guess I am just not ready to jump on the Obama band wagon. People are just crazy. They get an idea in their head and just run with it. Sen. Obama may be the "flavor du jour", but I am not ready to vote for the man for President. Yes, he is dynamic and a great speaker, but not experienced enough for me. Now, that may not be a bad thing when you consider career politicians. I intend to get one of his books to read over Christmas break. I am sure he is very intelligent, as he comes across that way, but he may need a little more experience under his belt.

All you golfers out there may want to add these to your holiday wish list. I guess these types of things are for those who have everything!! What say ye golfers out there?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Immunizations, Test Scores, Assessments & Then Some

Found out, last night at orientation, that if you cannot locate your records and you were born after 1957 you have to go get the MMR immunization and a TB test. So, in order to schedule my clinical time, at the hospital, I have to get to the health dept. and get immunized. Another glitch in the matrix. Just something else to take up time and a few bucks!! No way out of it though. Just got my flu shot. I am going to feel like a pin cushion!

After the 1 1/2 hour orientation we had to go over to the school and take our two tests. 109 questions in all. I was VERY nervous. I almost felt that I had "over studied". Any of you familiar with that feeling? Like you just studied too much. I was afraid that I had forgot everything. Not to mention that I was very tired. I had had 5 shots of espresso in a beverage, at coffee mega giant, before going to the hospital. Towards the end of these tests I was getting so muddled and just felt that I had totally F'd up. Got a 94% on airways and a 93% on Cardiac care & AED. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even enough exclamation points can tell you how amazed and relieved I was. I also received my certification, from American Heart Assoc., for Healthcare Provider. Good until 2008. Excellent night all around.

Although our chunks of time at the hospital have to be 4 hours and we also have to do a total of 6 patient assessments during that time. One has to be pediatric. A little more than I had anticipated. I thought we would just be doing vital signs and watching. Okay, this should be fun in addition to my coffee work time. We'll see. Looking forward to the time off for Thanksgiving holiday. No class on the 22nd or 25th.

I'm actually going to try and find a book today, "Finding the Deep River Within" by Abby Seixas. Saw the end of her interview on some show and thought I might like to read it. Another of those books for overwrought, over worked women. Not enough time for self as we are always busy etc. Although I am not sure that I have time to go buy it, let alone read it!! HA!

I am also on worry watch as my Beagle may be on his last leg. I have thought this before as Burt is old. A pound pup. He is somewhere in his teens. Old fella. Has lots of problems, but these past 2 days he has not been well. I did not sleep much last night. between thinking about the hospital and the dog. I have to wrok at the coffee place today, not until 5, and so I may try to nap in there. Somewhere in between errands and laundry and cleaning and............

What was that book I was thinking about getting?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yin - Yang

The person who is on the path that is straight and plumb, seeking knowledge with a true heart. Basically that is the literal translation. I had a friend, who has studied Chinese for 2 years, draw the symbol for me. I wanted something that would represent my quest for balance and harmony in my life. A worthy goal.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Falling Hurts

Unfortunatly part of the weekend, with my mom, involved falling down. Happily it wasn't her, but sad to say that it was me!! Falling is not fun. Especially when you are falling on asphalt!!

We were at the grocery store getting yummies to enjoy while watching a movie. Nothing like some wine, yummies and a chick flick with mom.

We were walking to the car. I had a paper bag in my left arm, a plastic bag with the wine and beer in my right hand. Mom was carrying a paper bag and walking to my right and just a few steps behind me. next thing I know I am falling. Left arm is not able to stop the fall because of the bag. So I hit the parking lot VERY hard. Full weight on left knee and some weird arm/shoulder hit. Right palm got some road rash. It did hurt!

As my mom is laughing and asking what happened I watch a soliatery can of beer go rolling across the parking lot. Nice. Who looks like a drunk? Even better when some elderly lady picks it up and walks it back over and sits it next to me on the ground!!

I got up, but could feel the roadrash under my jeans and the knee already hurt like hell. Got home and opened the bottle of wine, a Lindeman Shiraz, and watched "The Lake House" with my mom. Can't go wrong with a nice wine, pizza and Keanu Reeves. Talent be damned, I just like to look at him. I have found that he has and continues to age very nicely.

Now, on Monday, the knee is all black and blue and other assorted colors that one would associate with a bruise. I gave away all my shifts at coffee mega giant except Thursday night and Sunday. I have a very huge test on Wed. 109 questions over cardiac arrest and airways. Much material and I am going to study for several days. we are also meeting at the hospital, on Wed., to get all of our info about signing up for our hours there and the paperwork involved etc.

SO has returned from Oman and brought back great newspapers to read from that part of the world. So much better than the stuff we get here. More news as well as balanced and complete. Also some excellent photos of his camel trip into the desert. Sand and jewelry.

I am also excited that I might be able to actually read some papers this week and catch up with politics. In the meantime I rely on you guys to keep me up to date!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend With Mom


My mom is spending the weekend and already it has been an adventure!! I have class from 9-4 today and she is going to go visit a freind, but I am sure there will be plenty to talk about after she goes home. Also, SO is returning form Oman sometime tonight. Busy, busy weekend!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Junk Drawer

Wow! It has been 8 days since I last sat down and put any thoughts out in the cyber-blog world. Yes, I have been very tired and working WAY too much and drinking WAY too much coffee. I was feeling like crap physically. Eating too much processed sugar, at work, along with the coffee. I was a zombie!! So I went to the health food store, where I usually get my vitamins and herbs and decided to find something that might help with the fatigue, cut out the white flour foods and cut back subsatntially on the coffee and added water and also tea back in to the equation. I have felt much better for the past few days

I also got someone to pick up a few of my shifts at the coffee mega giant and so I have the next 5 days off. I will still have school, but no work and that will make for a nice 5 days. I have a very important test on Saturday over airways that has a huge amount of info and then on Monday night a big 109 question test over the last several chapters. We are also meeting at the hospital, on Monday, to get the info on how to begin scheduling our hours in the ER etc. I also have to go out and try to find appropriate black shoes and pants for the ER.

I was sitting at the coffee mega giant, doing what else but having coffee before my scheduled shift, and reading the paper when someone noticed the political button on my lapel and said to me,"Well, you must be happy today". I did not know them, but I said, "Why yes, I am." I was and am very happy with the election results, now I just hope that people will begin to make some positive change, especially here in Ohio. The people have spoken in Ohio and like Ted Strickland said, "It's time for change!" Jon Stewart did a great bit on the breakup of Britney and Kevin Federline and GW and Rumsfeld.

I really feel out of the loop. I have been reading a great deal of news, but have just not had the time or energy to post about anything. I hope to remedy that this weekend. Even though my mom is coming up to spend the weekend, and I will need to take her out to a movie. It will also, more than likely, be something that she wnats to see, which is fine, but not necessarily what I might like to see. This is what we do with moms. I have a feeling that it will be Russell Crowe's new movie.

I am also giving some advance thoughts to my birthday in January. I have been looking at packages to New York to see a Broadway show & hotel. I have a best friend from high school who has lived there for many, many years and we could do stuff as well. very pricey though, so I am not sure if that will pan out,, but I am so un-anamored with my friends right now I do not even want to spend any time with them. That is another story for another time.

I also got a new tattoo yesterday. Left ankle area. Yin-Yang symbol with the Chinese characters that literally are talking about harmony, but translate to something about the person on the path that is staright and plum, with a true heart. All in accoprdance with my Tai-Chi practice and desire to make my life more harmonious. A life goal, but one that I do not believe that many achieve.

Well, I have now emptied out a bit of the junk drawer. A little of this and a little of that. It is still full of other crap, but alas.... that is for another day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Sometimes it is amazing when karma, or whatever, chance maybe will just play out in strange and unusual ways. I was driving to class the other night when several things happened and made me think over these last few days.

As I was stopped at a traffic light I happened to look down and notice that my odometer read 142,000 miles. Then at that same moment, I kid you not, the song that was playing on the radio was Switchfoot and the lyrics, "This is your life. Are you where you want to be? This is your life. Is it everything you dreamed it would be? When the world was younger and you had everything to lose."

Well I just about froze and my mind just began to whirl. If my car had that much mileage on it that means that I do as well. Wow!! So, in a car that we have had for about 8 years that means I have about 10,900 miles a year on myself!! I wonder how that stacks up to other people and their "life mileage"?

Then I started to ponder this thought some more as I listened to the words of the song. Am I where I want to be and was this the life I had imagined. The big question is also am I who I want to be. All very heady stuff.

Yes, this is my life. Have I recconciled myself to that thought? I guess I have. There were many years that I bemoaned my life and just hated the paths that I was going down. I guess I have said to myself more than once these days that this IS my life and I will do what I want with it. There are people who question my life choices, especially now that I seem to be making some unusual changes, but to them I say this IS my life and why settle when you can do whatever you want. Why settle. I can make any changes at any time. Yes, there are times that I wish that I had known all these things earlier, but there's nothing stopping me now. There were those, and still are, who were not very encouraging as I decided to take this EMT course and they almost dissuaded me from doing so, but I kept true to myself and said yes I am taking this class and making these changes.

It's not everything I dreamed of, but is anyones? I had dreams of being in theatre and an actress, but obviously that did not come true, except... those years that I was teaching and now that I am greeting and working with the public at the coffee mega giant, these are and were times that allowed me to be "on a stage" if you will. It is quick theatre. I am on and telling jokes and making people laugh in small ways. When I have an audience I am on and no matter if I am "famous" for it or not people enjoy the conversation etc. and they remember me for it. In actuality it is like small stand up comedy. That is my outlet and it soothes that desire from my youth.

I think that we all have mileage and some of the road was smooth and there were probably potholes and slippery surfaces along the trip. There were trips that I wish I had not taken and vacation moments that I will never forget. Am I where I want to be? I guess I am right now, otherwise I am not sure where I might be. Granted, there are times that I wish I was somewhere else, but in the end I know that my vehicle would bring me back here.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Extreme Pumpkins,Extreme Fun!!

For great, non-politically correct, amusing and laughable fun you should go to this pumpkin carving web site. It is great fun and sometimes gross. Everything needed to compliment your Halloween fun. I was lucky, when son was small, just to get out a carving knife and get a smile carved!! I am not this talented.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Bored With Chardonnay?

I did not intend to be a wine blog, nor do I intend to be "winey", as I might at times come across :-) , but it just happened that as I continued to read the news at MSNBC they had an article about Pinto Grigio becoming the "new" chardonnay. I had become quite bored with chardonnay and that is one reason why I have shifted to the reds. Also since the weather has gotten cooler. This article is a good one for those of you who like the white wines, but have never branched out. I have enjoyed a good Pinot Grigio throughout the summer as they are especially good on very hot days as they are much lighter than chardonnays. But just like the rules of red meat and pasta the new rule of thumb is try what you want when you want. There are really no rules, make it personal and make it your own.

Estancia is also a decent wine. That is the label that they are talking about in the MSNBC article. I have had that label many times and many menus will carry that variety due to the nice cost.


Shaun of the Dead, Alice White & Jon Stewart

Well, spent the weekend watching one of my favorite scary movies. I am not usually a fan of the fright, but Shaun of the Dead is great English humore that just happens to also be gory and funny. Since the weather was also quite frightful here, a nice mix of thunder, lightening, sunshine and hail with very damaging winds, I decided to drink a nice Cab/Merlot blend by Alice White. A nice Australian red blend that was on sale at my local market. Along with that I had ordered a pizza, some mildly hot wings and some nice gooey cheesey bread. A fine, cold Saturday night feast.

I originally had all of this typed up and ready to read on Sunday, but after I hit publish sometning weird happened and it was all lost and I was too pissed off to begin again. The moment was lost and I was too mad to try and type it all over again. So I can not testify to the flow or interest level today.

It seems that the Daily Show has been in re-runs all this past week. I was a tad annoyed, since I do TiVo it, but then found out it was because they were here in Ohio, the seriously important state for election people, filming down in Columbus. The filming that I seriously had wanted tickets to, but were sold out right away!! USA Today had a great article that made me even more envious that I was not able to attend. They are calling it the "Midwest Midterm Midtacular". Seems that LeBron James is to be the first guest. None of the politicians wanted to be a part. I wonder why?

Now today it is Monday and I have to study for my next big 7 chapter test. I am not working today, so I have plenty of time to study and drink coffee. Then after the test we are beginning to learn and work on airways. There is much going on in the news and I have not had much time to read anything and hope to be back in sync in a few days.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shaun of the Dead & a Nice Red Wine

Spent the evening watching one of my Fav scary movies, because it is also hilarious English humor, and having a nice Australian Cab/Merlot blend by Alice White. Accompanying that nice wine were some semi-hot wings and nice gooey cheesey bread. Crazy movie, crazy menu and well, the weather was right along with the food & wine. It was crazy cold here and the wind was OUT OF CONTROL!! We alternated between thunder and lightening with turbulent hail pellets. It was insane for October. So, all in all a very good night for wine and comfort food and a good dose of scary English fun!! That movie makes me scream and laugh both.

Did talk to SO on the phone from Oman this weekend as well. Now that he has called twice I am sure that I am monitored. Oh and if the calls were not enough, he had the guy from the office, in Oman, send me a few e-mail photos from SO's camera. There you go, receiving e-mail from "THEM" now makes it okay to monitor all my traffic etc. So, I am probably getting you all on "THE LIST".

They are treating him like a king and I told him that that would not happen back home so get over that on the flight back!! He has a driver and they take him out for food and don't let him spend any money. Finally one of the more high up guys, at the job site, asked something like,".... don't we all love our George W. Bush over there?" SO said something like, "Are you kidding? Most people think he is an @#$@#$# and hate this &*^% war!" SO was surprised to find that they were under the impression that most people here are supporting this. Interesting. I was at least happy that he got to put out a little word that that is not the case. He also has watched some TV in his hotel, and even though it is not in English, he has seen more REAL coverage of the war than he has EVER seen on TV back here.

Before he leaves they have promised to take him out for a camel ride.

Finally got some REALLY GOOD sleep last night. Could that have anything to do with the vino? Hmmmm? With the time change it was a nice late sleep. The sun is shining here in Ohio and it looks to be a beautiful fall day. I have a huge test to study for and coffee to drink. I also will get to the Peace Vigil tonight.

All in all nice & rested and a good way to begin another week. Looking forward to a little R&R during that week of Christmas break.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tired, Tired and More Tired!!

Did I mention that I am very tired? Does the accompanying photo give a clue? I had made a deal with myself this morning, as I was dropping the child off at school I pledged, to myself, that I was coming right home and going BACK TO BED!!!!!! I walked in the door, went right upstairs, got into bed and pulled the covers over my head and ...... could not shut off my brain!! Do you think that I could get back to sleep? Not a chance. I was up there for an hour tossing and flailing around. Thinking about everything I want to get done today. Things for the weekend. You name it I was thinking about it. So the phone finally rang and I answered it and came downstairs, made some oatmeal and now I am poised at the keyboard with 3 newspapers that I have been saving to comment upon and much other misc that has been building up in my brain as I have not been able to blog since last weekend.

So, prepare yourself folks I think we are in for a vast post today. Liken it, if you will, to a blog with ADHD and no meds!!

Let's begin with someything a little more personal. The nice thing about havinga teen that is technologically savvy is that they can burn cd's for you in no time at all. I just carry a small pad of paper in the car and when I hear songs that I like I write them down and eventually give the list to the child and have him burn me out a new cd. I have to carry the pad because the station that I listen to is an alternative station and they do not always talk inbetween music and blab and tell you what you are hearing AND they also do not have a constant rotation, so you are almost always hearing new stuff.

It has been some time since I last had him burn me anything new, but for those of you that like to listen to new stuff, I thought that I would jot down a few of my new "heavy rotation" favs and see what you think, if you ever have a cjance to listen to a few of them. Here they are:

1. Hate Me/ Blue October
2. Snakes on a Plane/ Cobra Satrship
3. Lips of an Angel/ Hinder
4. Dark Blue/ Jack's Mannequin
5. Dani California/ Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Liar/ Taking Back Sunday
7. I Hate Everything About You/ Three Days Grace

Now for an update on that Texas art teacher that took the kids to an art museum. You know the one where some goofy parents were upset that their 5th graders saw some nudity. I find it sad, but she and her school district have reached an agreement and she is out of her job. They are paying her the remainder of her salary, which they should, and she is agreeing not to say anything else about the principal or the school and they agree to put a letter of reccomendation in her file. The article ended with the principal saying that she did not feel that " time was used wisely" on this field trip. Well, let me tell you, as a teacher that has taken kids of middle school and high school on field trips, that it is VERY difficult to manage every second of the trip to ensure that every moment is a "teaching moment". I don't care how many adults are along there is no way to ensure that everyone is up to the task and making it a quality learning event. It is just how field trips are. I am sad that she had to lose her job. I am happy that I am not part of her school district. I took my students to the Cleveland Science Museum when Body Worlds was there. For those of you that may not have heard about Body Worlds, look it up, it was one VERY COOL exhibit. Although they were cadavers who had donated their bodies, after death, and it made for a great science learning trip. Since they were nude I proably would have lost my Texas teaching job. Things like that can not be learned in the classroom just looking at text books or films.

Then we must touch on Iraq in an article from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. He talked to economists and public finance specialists. Looks like for every second we continue to stay in Iraq we taxpayers will end up spending and additional $6,300. I think I'll just send my check now.

His point, and I think it's a good one, that we are spending huge sums of money over there that could be better spent helping out the American health care system, developing alternative forms of energy and making a serious effort to reduce global poverty. Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize winning economist at Columbia and Linda Bilmes, a public-finance specialist at Harvard have worked together on a new study that for the Milken Institue Review. It states that the total costs of the war, including the budgetary, social and macroeconomic costs are likely to exceed $2 trillion.

The article then went on to put that number into prospective. It is 4 times the additional cost needed to provide health insurance for all uninsured Americans for the next decade. It is 1,600 times Bush's financing for his hydrogen energy project.

If you are one of those people that like to tinker on web sites there is another study that puts the dollar amount a bit lower, at $1 trillion. They are economists at the conservativeAmerican Enterprise Institute and they have set up a web site where you can play with figures on your own. It is

Of course many of the costs of this war are hidden and haven't been spent yet. More than 3,000 American vets have suffered severe head injuries and the gov't will have to pay for them for decades. The sad cost of that could range from $600,000 to $5 million per person.

Sad, sad figures in a continually sad situation indeed.

With the number of uninsured Americans reaching a record 46.6 million last year, up by 7 million from the year 2000 it was great to read that there are a few hospitals that are taking a proactive stance to help those who are in most need!! It seems that a few hospitals have finally realized that if they work to help people before their illnesses get so out of hand that they are not constantly using the emergency rooms as a last resort.

People without insurance, and who have dieases like asthma, diabetes and have no health care are often left to use over the counter meds until their illness gets out of control and then the only option is to go to the emergency room which they cannot afford and does not get paid.

In some Denver, Texas and New York some of the hospitals are using funding to get aptients into programs that will help to control their medical conditions so that they might be less likely to be frequent clients. They are opening clinics to help meet the needs of the growing number of uninsured. Care is being donated by the hospitals. One hospital saved $475,000 in one year by educating 631 asthma patients and giving them caseworkers to help manage their care. Good for them. Going through the experience, as one of the uninsured , I know how scary it can be when you don't have meds or a doctor and people get sick. Sometimes we will spend the $39 and go the local quick clinic, but they don't deal with long term health issues like asthma, so I am left to "self treat" and use over the counter meds that only cost me $10 as opposed to a prescibed inhaler that would be about $100.00. Well in about 90 days the coffee mega giant will rpovide health care for me and mine, so gotta love'em for that.

Well, aside from those issues things have just gotten crazy. We are finally moving into the active part of my EMT class. We have the book part and take our quizzes and tests and then we move into the larger room and practice trauma assessments and triage. We are now getting into airways and all the real stuff that will need to be done to save a life and get them to the hospital. I am very tired when I get home.

It is interesting though to see how the class has naturally divided itsself. There are 14 of us, one dropped out, and we are 7 and 7 on the sides of the room. The side that I am on seems to be the more serious side. we always have our homework completed and take it seriously. The other side of the room are the "jock types' that mostly want to be firemen and do not often do their homework and swear outloud. This one guy has a problem constantly dropping the "F" bomb. Have some class dude!! He is a 29 year old adult, but acts like he is in a high school locker room. He is already a fireman, and I respect that, but he is very immature and does not care too much for the fact that his dept. is making him take this class. When we have to practice he goofs off and screws around. Very annoying for those of us that are seriously trying to grasp the info.

With more Marines getting killed today it scares me for my friends son. He will just be 21 on Wednesday and is right in the heart of it all.

The sun is ouy here today and it looks beautiful outside my windows as I type this. Even though I am tired I can not help but appreciate the beauty right outside. I think a sweatshirt would be great today, a stop for my inexpensive java and a trip to several stores will be on the "to-do" list. Just as an FYI to all of you on my blog list. Now that SO is in Oman I imagine, since he had a one way ticket, not knowing when he is leaving, that all my computer stuff will be monitored, my web sites and phone calls, so say hello to Big Brother!! I told them, on the phone the other night, when SO called to announce his arrival at the hotel, that I hope they enjoyed my boring conversation!! I hope they find all of your blogs intelligent and maybe they can learn something from some of you!! I don't know....maybe like, what the real pulse of the people might be!! Unlikely at best.

Hope this post finds you all well and rested, although I know Mixter is burning her candle at both ends like me as well. Hey, anybody got more candles out there??

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Pinker Tones

A surreal political musical fun fest!!! For your Saturday enjoyment!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Congratualtions1! Boy or Girl?

At 7:46 this morning I was watching as I became just one of 300,000,000. How much longer can I be unique?

Lists, Lists and More Lists

Just when you thought that there just couldn't be another list!! USA Today has an article about a new book, 101 Most Influential People.

The people they speak of in the book, written by Alan Lazar, Dan Karlan, Jeremy Salter, are people that exist only in imagination. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was # 44, Batman was # 60. G.I. Joe was #48 and Barbie was # 43. You get the idea. I can't tell you who was number one. It might be a surprise and I can't say that I would make the same choice. You must chesck it out for yourself and let me know. Myself, I would have to choose Bugs Bunny. He was WAY ahead of his time and the rest of the cartoon world. he was dressing in drag long before it was common place and see an funny. He could sing and dance. He had it all.

Who makes your number one?


USA Today & Gallup recently took a poll that showed that 42% of the people polled feel that the Bush administration has fooled around with the prices, "deliberately manipulated", of gas. Something to do with the upcoming elections. Hmmmm, do we think that could be possible? Are the Republicans feeling some heat and fallout? I mean, come on, when was the last really good news that this administration had? Gas prices coming down is something that they know people like, want and will make them feel like someone cares.

Larry Sabato, a political scientist, from the University of Virginia said," You don't think that gas prices matter? Just ask Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan. They'll all tell you that their victories or defeats depended in part on the cost of gas at the pump."

We could go on and on and talk about the prices of the barrels etc., but no matter what argument is presented you can't deny that these are oil people, with oil connections and men like this can and do make things happen and change in the world when they want it to happen.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome Wagon

Warm, warm welcome to newest addition, Kung Fu Monkey. I found this interesting little blog at Wil Wheatons blog. It was one that he highly reccomended and I also found it to be humorous and other things as well. The writer has many links that I have not had the time to check out yet, but believe that I will enjoy it some Saturday afternoon when I am stuck inside.

His personal profile was amusing on its own; he began as a stnd-up comic, then got a physics degree, and ended up becoming a writer for TV and finally movies and comics.
A blog that I think has infinite possobilities!! Dive in.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Book

Lou Bobbs was on the Daily Show, a few nights ago, and was talking about his new book. I think it will be my next book to read. Maybe during Christmas break. It was not too big and I found it at Barnes and Noble for under $20.

Winterizing & Smoking Loon

It's that time of year when I start drinking the "warmer" wines such as Merlot & Cabernet. This cold weekend was no exception as I got a bottle of Smoking Loon Merlot and helped do a few winterizing jobs. One that included putting caulk around windows or some such activity. Makes for a nice still life, wouldn't you say? Although it was probably good that I wasn't physically manning the caulking gun since I was having some of the grape!!

It has been and will continue to be an active weekend as we also are preparing for SO's departing for Oman on Wednesday. So he is trying to get all the little odds and ends tied up that usually get put off. One of those jobs was changing the various fluorescent lightbulbs that we have around the house.

Years ago, when his family moved their tavern from one location to another, SO got the idea to take several of the large light fixtures and bring them home to hang in various locations. He installed 3 in the basement so we have great lighting down there and one above the basement stairs and the last fixture he put on the kitchen ceiling and built an attractive wood thing around it etc.

Well, the kitchen needed new bulbs and naturally the VERY hard to reach fixture over the basement stairs. This made me very nervous as SO tried to stand on one step and reach across with his other leg and balance, somewhat precariously, on the edge of a shelf that one can reach as you descend the stairs. A reach of several feet. I was most certainly opposed to this type of activity, but he proceeded as I held the back of his shirt in case his shoe slipped off the edge of the shelf. Although I had visions of his shirt coming off and him still flying down the steps. Made me very uncomfortable indeed.

Well, it was still a very difficult reach and the first bulb went in, somewhat, by the way did I mention that these bulbs are about 4 feet long and not easy to manuver with one hand? So, it was decided that he would go out and get a ladder from the neighbor. This guy has one of those metal ladders that bends in 6 gazillion directions.

SO brought it in and as I sipped some more of the Smoking Loon we both looked at this ladder and tried to figure out what pieces parts to push and pull to make it go the way he wanted to make it stand on the steps and reach the fixture. I suggested looking at the pictures on the side, but I guess that is not what you guys do. You just like to mess with these contraptions and eventually get it right.

Ah, success!! The ladder is on two different steps, and I presume locked into position, and we are ready to try again. Although I am still not too confident that this will still not slide or slip off of a step I sit at the top step and grasp the ladder to keep it from falling. It was a long way down and I am not quite ready to have to adminiater CPR!! I unwillingly let go and get the bulbs and hand them up. Finally...... let there be light!!! Bulb changing success!!!!

Ladder returned, again as we try to close it up without pinching any fingers in the process, I again return to the lovely merlot. Several projects completed and a sense of accomplishment. Now Sunday has arrived and another list is looming. Smoke detector batteries, flashlights in working order and furnace filters. The nice thing about Tivo is that SO won't have to miss any football. He can watch it later. I will be having the rest of that Smoking Loon.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Questions & Ponderings

Today we are going to explore several topics. This is due to the fact that I couldn't get on yesterday to post and I read another blog today that also inspired me.

Yesterday USA Today had an interesting poll in the Life section. They were taking a poll that asked the question, "Who do you think was the most influential person of all time?" The choices they had were very odd. I expected to see names like Jesus Christ, Ghandi etc. They had Santa Claus at the top of the list. Now, today I can not get back to that page to list some of the other crazy choices, but I leave it up to you. What requirements would one have to have to make the list of influential people of all time? Do you make it a personal list, like my 6th grade teacher, or do you think worldly like Ghandi? Do we think technologically and say, Bill Gates? What criteria do we use? Whatever it might be I can not see Santa Claus on that list.

I have not given it much thought yet. I am not sure if I would pick someone that has been influential in my life or someone that has influenced the world. On the one had Jesus Christ has been a major world influence, aside from all the changes that may have been made to original texts etc., but I am not sure that he would be the ultimate choice or answer for me or everyone across the board. Every part of the world would have different motivational leaders that they would also choose.

Would your choice be a fictional character like Atticus Finch? Would it be someone like Morrie from Tuesdays with Morrie? That man said many thoughtful and insightfull things that I considered to of great worth. Johnathon Livingston Seagull was a life changing book for many.

Would it be an inventor? Thomas Edison maybe. Eli Whitney.

I am not sure who my choice would be or if I could even limit it to one. Can there be only one "most influential person"? Where would your list begin?

Then, this morning, as I was reading Rachels Blog I found some more food for thought. She first talked about having writers block and the feeling that every post needs to be profound and have something to say. I know what she means. There are days that I feel like my writing is meaningless and just fluff, kinda like today, and that if I am not waxing political it is just a waste. But she has helped me to realize that even this serves a purpose. Whether it be for myself or someone else's need that day, it does serve some purpose. It just can't be high brow every day. Some days it just needs to be theraputic for the writer. Look at Mixter and Esteban. Even they had recent writings that were of a personal and humorous nature. Every day does not have to be the kind of day where you must feel that you made an impact in some major way. While reading Rachels blog I got more out of it than she probably thought anyone would. Her thoughts about "what you see is what you get" and "hiding out" were especially thought provoking for me.

At a time when my life is changing in such quick and profound ways I find myself wishing that I could try harder to be the "real" me and not the person that I want the world to see. I think today I am going to try and come out of hiding.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grades & Coffee

Took my anatomy test yesterday and got a 96%. I am so happy with myself!!! I really did study until I actually had a little song to go along with the bones. Then we also took our first module test, over the 7 chapters, and got a 93%. Now I can take a brief breather until the next test. We are now beginning vital signs & Health Care Provider CPR. I am going to buy my hot pink stethoscope and blood pressure cuff on Friday.

Lots of working at the coffee mega giant these next three days as I learn to be a barista and make the coffee. I don't know if any of you ever watch CNBC, but Howard Schultz the CEO, the main man, of the coffee mega giant was a guest and did a really great interview. The part where he spoke about why he offers major health benefits to part - time employees was very interesting.

In 1960 when he was a young kid his dad was hurt in a work accident and since there was no workmens comp and they had no health insurance the family went through some very hard times. They were just basic middle class living in an apartment in Brooklyn neighborhood. He said that he knows how important it is for people to have insurance and not have those worries about what they might have to do if they are ill or hurt or a family becomes ill.

It's why I am there.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dummies, Druggies & Petty Criminals Welcome

It seems that you don't have to graduate from high school to join the military. You can also be a drug user or petty crook. Don't believe it? Then check out this article at CBS NEWS. Heaven forbid you should be........... GAY!!! You can be of diminished mental capacity, but gay is just pushing the limits. Since 1994 the cost of removing, replacing and retraining has cost nearly 200 million. How can this be seen as worthwhile?

A few nights ago the Daily Show had a segment where they interviewed a young man, who happened to be gay and had been discharged, he had been an Arabic translator, but they decided that his sexuality would interfere with his ability to do his job. Hmmmm interesting. The point that they made was this; how did/or do his private thoughts etc. keep him from translating? This kinda fella obviously was not just some dope who they taught to read Arabic. He had to have some smarts and abilities. Then after all his training and years of service they find out he is gay and just give him the boot. ( No pun intended!)
I mean, how many guys are interested or able to be translators? Arabic does not seem like a second language that one just "picks up". I think it must be difficult. There goes money down the drain.

I can not say that I ever agreed with the " Don't ask, don't tell" rule. I always thought that there should have been something else. This is the time for that change.

When we begin to excuse, or give waivers, for everything else it seems as if they are lowering the standards and this is where you get the kind of people who might or may be unstable that have committed some of the more heinous crimes against the civilians over there in Iraq. You know the ones I mean. The ones that have slipped through the psych evaluations etc.

We all know that the recruiters prey upon the poorer parts of society as they know that the selling points about paying for your education and all the benefits are going to grab the attention of those families that might have no other way to pay for a higher education. Many see it as their only way to possibly go to college. Hell, if I wanted to go to college now I would probably see it as an entertaining idea.

I have no objections to those who willing wish to enter the U.S. military. A very good friend has a 21 year old son in Iraq right now. I totally support him. It's the war I object to. You know, "It's the war stupid". So if there are people, who happen to be gay, that wish to enter military service then I applaud their desire to serve and do not see why they should be any different than anyone else the recruiters are after.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Kinds of People

I was watching Pulp Fiction tonight and a very interesting conversation transpired, between the Uma Thurman character and John Travolta, that I decided to use for my short Sunday post since I will be working and studying all day. I also think I might be coming down with a cold since all the folks here at my home are in various stages of recovery.

She was just meeting the Vincent Vega character and he was going to take her to dinner. As a conversation starter and a way to get to know someone she said that she had devised this question. "There are two kinds of people in the world. Beatles people and Elvis people. Beatle people can like Elvis and Elvis people can like the Beatles, but nobody likes them both equally. Somewhere you have to make a choice."

I'm a Beatles. What is your choice?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bumper Sticker

Saw this little gem yesterday. "If Bush is the answer, what was the question?' Anyone have any ideas on this one? I'm speechless........

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Happy Cup

Picked up this little gem, at the coffee mega giant ,yesterday after work. A nice discount is also one of the great perks of working there. Hey, I said perks..... coffee, perks....get it? Anyway, it just made me laugh out loud and I thought that I would like to see it with my morning coffee every day, or nearly every day. There are a few in the series and I may even get all of them. Look for future updates. I think I am going to call him Mike after Mike in Monsters Inc.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snow on Foley

I wasn't even going to get into this today. I have anatomy to study, although it seems Sen. Foley had similar thoughts, and work at 2:00. I was just going to get busy, but thought I would watch last nights episode of the Daily Show and that brought me to throwing my hat in the ring.

Watching the CNN snippet, from Tony Snows comments, it seems that he, or those that he speaks for want to really trivialize this entire scenario. He actually called them,"naughty e-mails." He said that there have been worse episodes in Washington than a few naughty e-mails. When my dog soils the rug, that is naughty. When you send sexually framed e-mail that is a bit above naughty. Especially when you are a grown-up and they are a child. Would anyone tolerate their 16 year old daughter receiving those e-mails? Would Mr. Snow like to have his teen get e-mail that"naughty"?

That really, really pisses me off.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Venus, David & Co.

There is so much going on in the world that is more important, but these types of issues still make me boiling made as well. I had heard this on the radio and then,Friday at work, read about it in the New York Times. It is simply at outrage. What is a good teacher to do anymore??

By all accounts Sydney McGee, of Frisco Texas, was an excellent art teacher with a stellar record. She had 28 years experience. Now she finds herself suspended after a routine fieldtrip to the Dallas Musum of Art with her 5th grade art class.

It seems one of the students saw some nude art. What!! Nude art you say, why that is just unheard of and unacceptable. Don't they put coverings or parental warnings on that type of thing? Keep it in a separate room from the general public or wandering eye of a child. Well, obviously it is right out in the open because one of the children glimpsed something nude and went home and told their parents who called the school and objected to this type of thing and now Ms. McGee finds herself in this jam.

The field trip had all the proper pre-approval forms and permission. Principal and parental forms etc. Four other teachers and 12 accompanying parents. Not enough supervision eh? Thank goodness she is fighting this suspension!! Some parents are even calling for her to be fired!! What year is this? I used to worry about showing movies, taklking about constitutional rights and guns, death penalty etc., but never did we ever think twice about taking our kids to the art or the history museums. Remember represenations of cavemen wore little to no clothing.

The school district is claiming that the trip was,"poorly planned". Did they think that they could phone ahead and have certain items off limits? They had a docent leading the tour for crying out loud!! The Dallas news stations were even showing the art, on the evening news, with the body parts in question blacked out with those little boxes that they use for Spring Break news and topless girls at Mardi Gras. Unbelieveable. Is this what living in the Bible Belt has come to?

The principals statement was; "....students were exposed to nude statues and other nude art representations." The museum states that over the past decade more than half a million students have toured the museums 26,000 works without a single complaint. It's not like they have the Maplethorp exhibit or something that should cause an uproar. It is just basic classic pieces. Haven't any of these people ever had Art History in college? Haven't they read about a thing called The Renaissance?

Now her school board is actually trying to add other items to the reason for suspension, such as "she wore flip-flops to school." I can't even begin to tell you how many days I wore them to school when the weather allowed!! Her lawyers have obtained copies of all her evaluations and they all are exemplary. It was only after this trip that anything out of the ordinary was said about her job performance.

Retracing the route that was taken by the students there were busts and sculptures by Rodin and Aristide Maillol. We need to cover these?

When you are in the 5th grade it is funny and silly to see nudity, no big deal, but it seems that the parents are the ones with the hang-ups and making the big deal here. It is sad for their child. Sad that this teacher may loose her job over this field trip. Sad that they are going to raise a child that will be oblivious to all the great art of the centuries. Sad that they will probably raise a child with opinions just like theirs.