Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend!!

My mom just said to me, "You play, you pay"! My ass got kicked! Three nights out in a row, and working, was just too much for me. Glad I took today off because I need to get my head together, rest and try and catch up.

Thursday night the Corkscrew Girls met at Riverside, an awesome wine & cheese establishment, right on the river. They have a lovely patio that juts over the river and often trains will run by. Two bottles of wine, cheese and pasta salad meant I got home around 11 and had to work early the next morning.

Friday my oldest and best friend from high school showed up and I took him back to Riverside! He came in from New York to see his family and I could not miss an opportunity to get together with him, so....another late night! I didn't get home until one in the morning and had to get up at six! Saturday morning required a stop at the drug store for a few bottles of Five Hour Energy!! Simply espresso was not going to do the trick all by itself.

Saturday had been set quite some time back and I had taken Sunday off as a precaution as I knew it would be a very late night with huge hangover potential. Luckily there was no wicked hangover, but I was tired as hell. Three nights of late activities has really taken its toll. I actually took a two hour nap this afternoon. Gone are the long weekends of partying. Long gone!

Saturday nights party was not only huge, but awesome. The host had a fireworks show that will rival many a city. They were spectacular! He has a landscaping business and saves all the brush he deals with and has a bonfire that is several stories high. he also has a tattoo artist there and so I got some additional work added to my arm skull. Now it looks like a "piece" rather than just a random stamp.

There were three live bands and hundreds danced in to the wee hours! My feet were filthy from dancing in flip flops. Did I mention that this guy also has a peacock? Seriously...he has some chickens too and I think a rooster.

Today I have spent the day chilling, doing misc. crap and recuperating. It was so worth it, but a huge price to pay!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Yay!!!!! It's Summer.

Summer, summer, glorious summer! How I love the summer. It even makes working seem not so bad. Not when you can come home while it is still daylight, eat, be outside, have fires or do so many other things that summer offers.

How great is it to sit outside, with your laptop, and read/write. Play with the dog. Have a glass of wine or go to any of the myriad of festivals and farmers markets that seem to be every weekend in the summer.

Fresh fruits and veggies abound as do grilled meats of all varieties, some on sticks, others on plates or buns.

Music is everywhere outside. Bar/tavern patios are buzzing with friends current or from the past. What a time to catch up. talk about old times or politics...who cares as long as you have a cocktail and it is outside!