Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom turned 76 last week. She is in such good health that her doctors tell her she is not her age. Most people can not believe how old she is. I am lucky. Lucky that she is still around, doesn't take a single medication, and still dances and has an active life. She volunteers at the local elementary school every week. Doing office work, grades for teachers and all their copying. Does all sorts of word puzzles and games as well as plying euchre on a regular basis. When the two of us get together we play Scrabble for hours!

So for someone who has all they need there is really nothing to buy them for a birthday, so we will often go out to dinner. I like to take her to places that she would never go to or spend the money on.

There is a city nearby that has a wonderful restaurant that I love. Crave.

Crave is the name. It is also what I do! I look for any celebration to get there. The atmosphere and menu are wonderful. Mom loves good food and unusual combinations as much as I do. It was hard to make a choice because I also knew that I wanted desert. Oh the decisions!!

I ended up having the BLT. Applewood smoked bacon, lobster, fried green tomato, avocado, arugula on Texas toast. OMG!!!!!!! Sensational. Mom had a blackened catfish po'boy. It was huge.

Mothers Day is coming soon......where do I want to eat?

By the way, I am drinking a blueberry cheesecake martini and mom is having a spice-tini. Hers has jalapeno stuffed olives!