Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Serving the Masses

Unless you live under a rock there is no chance that you have missed the story of Steven Slater, the Jetblue flight attendant, who recently quit his job with a bit of dramatics. As someone who has often worked in the service industry, and has a husband that flies the friendly skies frequently, I have a few things to add to the discussion.

I heartily applaud his aggravated state and even though he may lose his job I love the manner in which he made his exit and told off that rude customer! The public has just gotten out of hand and extremely rude to those who are in the service industry.

I do not even know where to begin........ I guess we can start with those on their cell phones. You know who they are. The people who have so much that is important to talk about, but they still want to stand in line to purchase what you sell, but they also want to hold everything up by NOT paying attention when it is their turn to order and pay. They have to tell the person they are talking to where they are, please hold on, and then they get out their money etc! They act all pissed off that they have to halt their phone chat because you are asking them what is it that they would like to order. They have come to your shop to get what you sell and then they get all huffy when you want to sell it to them and ask for payment!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about the people who have already paid and received their product, they stand there and drink a third or more and pass it back to you and ask for more milk!! I'm sorry, but when did it become a bottomless drink? It is not a Denny's or iHop and I am not walking around refilling coffee cups. You bought and paid for one item. If there was a mistake I would gladly fix the problem, but I am not going to stand there and refill your cup AS you drink it.

Your kids might be very cute to you, but as they run back and forth, as people carry hot drinks around, screaming and banging on windows they are not cute to any of us working. probably not to any of the other people who are reading or having quiet conversation. If your kids are old enough to run around then they are old enough to behave. Buying them a sprinkle covered pink donut and giving it to them with a very sugary blended cold drink is not the way to settle them down. Also, setting a group of them up at a table with a fellow child as babysitter does not work either. If you want to have mommy chat time and you all have a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds maybe McDonalds or Chuck e Cheese is a better choice for you. I think the folks trying to read a book or newspaper would agree with me as do those of us who have to clean up all the mess that your little darlings have left!

It is also very loud in our shop. Next to a major university we do a constant business. between the sound of bean grinders, drink blenders and two very large espresso machines it can be very hard to hear you when you WHISPER your order and then get really pissy when we have to ask you several more times what it is you would like!! Especially when the line is 20 or so long and you are at the end of it!! Don't get irritated with us, you came in for our product we are just trying to move the line along. And to the gentleman that said I need a hearing aid....kiss my ass!! You try smiling and getting orders in a million dollar business with all that racket for eight hours a day. I am sorry that you had to wait in line behind 15 sorority girls getting strawberry frozen drinks, but if you choose to wait you have to deal with it!! It is not my fault that they are holding up the line!!

Finally, to those few who get so pissed that they write letters to the corporate offices trying to get employees fired..... how big are your egos that you are resorting to this action because you did not like your drink that day or because Jane did not smile at you today? Get over yourself. We deal with your big ass egos everyday and smile even though we know you are a jerk.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my job,but people have gotten more rude. My husband flies all around the world and has seen this crap on airplanes often. People who think that whatever they are doing is more important than what anyone else is doing. He is not surprised that that guy lost his cool. People bring on bags that are often too large for the overheads or under the seat and then try and force them in. They get up and try to be the first off the plane before the all clear is even given.

All of this has made me more aware when I am standing in a long line. It is not anyone's fault and it is just something to be tolerated. If you are going to shop or purchase something in the service industry you must wait your turn. Learn some patience or personal meditation techniques. Don't take it out on the service people!! They are just trying to earn a living.