Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Running with Scissors

This weekend my mom was over and I had a Netflix film lying around, Running with Scissors. the film version of Agusten Burroughs memoir of the same name. It was OUTSTANDING! Not the kind of film that my mom tolerated very well, too dark for her, but I loved every odd moment of it. The performances were wonderful. I don't remember if Annette Benning won an award for this movie, but I know she should have. Aside from her work in American Beauty I do not think that she has ever been better. She was so wonderful in her portrayal of this crazed woman. All of the characters are odd. They always say that truth is stranger than fiction.

Then it made me want to know more about this young man, so I looked him up on the Internet and found his home page and blog, both of which I am going to link here because he is a good writer and I like what I have read in his blog so far. He talks about having an older brother who suffers from Ashbergers syndrome who is going to have his own book published soon. To access his blog you have to go to the homepage first.

If any of you like the occasional odd film then I suggest that you give this one a try. Not a cutsie date type film, or really a family film, but rather one that you don't mind laughing at the inappropriate moment with other like minded folk!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Joining the Crowd

Yesterday, as I toiled making lattes for the entire city it seemed, one of our regulars came in and she had a copy of the latest Harry Potter book. As many of you know, and we have talked about it at other blogs, I am not a fan. Well, as usual I always want to fit in so I asked her if I could see her book. She passed it back to me behind the bar and ....... I read the last page. Wow, what a relief, now I am part of something big and I fit in. I'll be able to sleep knowing that I am one of billions who can live my life having been a part of this craze. I am complete now.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Being a Good Samaritan

The thing about having this knowledge, EMS, is that if you see a need then you should respond, but if you do you must stay with the person/persons until other help arrives. It is not something that I would do if I am out for a night of drinking, but if I am at the grocery store or driving down the road or maybe even at the vet.

Yesterday we were sitting and waiting our turn, with Casey, at the vet's office. I heard one of the assistants say that there was a lady laying in the parking lot. I ran out to my trunk to grab my pack and got my gloves on and ran out to her. As I was approaching I could see that she was lying on her side in the road. The vet's office shares a side road with a McDonald's. There was a rather burly man leaning over her. There was a car parked a few feet further up with opened doors. I said,"Sir, please do not move her". Then he said, in a very unfriendly tone,"Who the fu*# are you?"

"I am an EMT and I would like to make sure that this lady is not injured." He then began to berate her about jumping out of the car and look at what she has done. At this point there were also 2 assistants behind me from the vet's office and they indicated that they had called an EMS unit. He got very angry,"Who do you think is going to pay for this?' He seemed to be very much a bully. I got a close look at this lady and she did not have any visible injuries, but she was crying and just kept saying that she was"she was just so tired".

As you could hear the approaching sirens he helped her up and into their car, we got the plate number and make, and they left. I told the nurses that they should call the local police and give them the plate number. I hope they did. I returned to wait with my dog.I believe that they have a domestic situation and she may have been bruised from the jump and that guy probably is an abuser. He was rather hulking and liked to intimidate. Asshole.

Earlier that day, during my break at the coffee mega giant, one of our regular customers was feeling very poorly and indicated that he was a diabetic and should probably check his sugar. I said yes, that would be a good idea and if it is too low we may have to get a squad. We checked and it was too low. I quickly got his a small cup of our straight sugar syrup that we use to sweeten the iced coffee. It is the closet thing we have to the oral glucose that we carry on the squads. I had him drink it straight down and within a few minutes another check of his sugar and it was back up in to a safe range and then he ate some cheese crackers. Diabetics have to be very careful and this is a younger guy and only been diagnosed for 6months so he is still learning too.

This is one of the reasons that I took this job. A service to humanity. I don't write about it today for praise or accolades, but just to share with you as friends. I am thrilled that I have these skill sets that I can use to provide a service and help to my fellowman. This is what good people are all about. It is such an awesome feeling to know what you are doing and to know that you are able to make a difference in the life of another human being. It is very gratifying. I know now that I chose wisely and this is the path that I was meant to follow. I often questioned myself, but now I know.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Emptying Out the Junk Drawer

It has been another hectic week fueled by wine and junk food and MUCH espresso!! By Friday I was hitting the snooze button several times before finally getting up, but not willingly. I never even used to touch the snooze button, heck I used to get up on the click before the alarm would even go off, but now.....I dread mornings. Especially by Friday. I actually even work on Saturdays, but they are a bit more laid back and not so busy with work day people, at the coffee mega giant, I only do EMS on Wed. & Thurs. I have gotten really repulsed by my own unhealthy eating and activity habits. It is really hard to think about those things when you would just rather come home and take a nap. It is that vicious cycle; you feel better when you do workout and eat right and that makes it easier to keep doing it, but when you can not even get started again.... well, that is a whole different scenario.

I have also been avoiding all news and papers this week. I am not even watching the Daily Show. Just real mindless crap like Scrubs. I am so disgusted with politics right now and sick and tired of BushCo that I could scream. I try not to even look at the front page when people buy them at the coffee house. Actually the son and I have been watching movies, from Netflix, like Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. We did watch Stranger Than Fiction, with Will Farrell and loved it, although it is not something that will appeal to lots of his fans as it is very different movie with dark and subtle humor. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson have great roles as well. Farrell is really understated in this film.

I am finally through with my probationary driving period with my EMS unit. I can drive lights and sirens anytime/anywhere. So, I got my baptism, not by fire, but as it would seem appropriate with water. We had to drive Code Red to the hospital, and most of our hospitals require highway driving. It was as dark as night at 8:30 the AM and raining and storming like crazy. You could hardly see the cars in front of you and I had to drive, on the highway, in this weather as well as drive 60-65. I was white knuckles all the way!! I was chewing my gum until I think my jaws were aching!! We arrived safely and naturally the storm passed for the return drive.

Then, yesterday I was excited to get another good call that I just jumped in and we drove off. It was not until we came back out, to load and take the person to the hospital, that I noticed a section of cord hanging out of the side of the ambulance. In my excitement I had forgotten to unplug the changer and had pulled a section of it off and had been driving with the plug/cord hanging out the side. I unplugged it and showed the guys and said, "Ooops, my bad"! I'm not the first.

Sunday will be the beginning of John's third week in France. He is ready to leave. He has been working 72 hour weeks and the language barrier is making it a very slow process. He also is not really enamoured with the food. He has sent pictures of folks with their dogs in the restaurants and bars. They are allowed to take them right inside. There was a guy sitting right behind him with his dog on his lap. They also do not have any of the smoking regulations either. John can smoke everywhere but his hotel room and then they tell you that you can do it out the window. He did take some pictures of a really cool local home. You could tell it was old, made of stone, and had bats and crosses and dragons and gargoyles. All in the coolest colors. Dragons on the roof spires etc. Very, very cool. The home had a surrounding stone fence with lions on them and French words.

I have to take our Golden, Casey, to the vet today and that is one of the jobs that I like to have him home for. She is 109 pounds and gets spastic at the vet. This is a new vet too, so she will have many new things to smell. She hates to get weighed.

Well, that is a little bit out of the 'ol junk drawer for today. I see that it is now time to gird my loins for a short 4 hours at "ye olde coffee shoppe". Then vet and a quick stop at the wine store and maybe a night of movies and vino. I don't think I see any working out on the "to do" list for this weekend. Maybe next week.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Talking About Health Care

Two things that I really like over at Victories web site today; first he has this great quote that I really love, " When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross". Second, he has done an EXCELLENT post on the health care issue. He does not take Michael Moores side, but simply and clearly discusses key issues and points within our current system of care. Bravo to Victories and you should take the time to go and read it. Outstanding good work.

Diets & Diapers

If the package instructed me to "carry a spare set of dark colored pants" or I had to worry about instances of " an orange river of grease running down my leg" I think that I would skip it and try to diet the old fashioned way. Those are just a few of the quaint quotes in this MSNBC article about the new over the counter diet drug Alli. It's official name is Xenical.

I was literally laughing out loud as I read this article because it is so gross. I, along with millions of other people, would like to loose weight and have it be as easy as taking a pill, but when there are chances that you might poop your pants.... that is where I draw the line! I gave that activity up when I was about 2 years old. One taker commented that they had "pooped their pants 3 times that day". This is something that people are willing to tolerate?

The makers tell you that if you follow the low fat diet, to the letter, that you should not have any problems, weell, if I want to do that then I should do it own my own. I will punish myself, but why do I want droopy drawers poopy pants to be my alternative punishment for overindulging? I know that there are people out there who cannot do it on their own and they need extra help, but I question if these side effects are the type that you would be willing to live with to shed that extra 10 pounds. Not me. Eating healthy is not the most fun,but I really tend to frown on this alternative. Besides, Huggies donot come in any fun colors that I am willing to spring for yet.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Welcome Wagon

Time to welcome in a few new blogs to my list of links! Two of them are very political in nature and the third is about life and relationships, so there is something for everyone and every mood.

The two political blogs came to me courtesy of Mixter who has an endless supply of choices on her blog. They are; The Talking Dog and One Little Victory.

The Talking Dog is an excellent political blog and has many, many links with a directory that gives a short synopsis of each blog. Lots of work has gone in to that blog. It will take me some time to make my way through, but I anticipate great enjoyment as I do. Victory is also a good blog. Again , I thank Mixter for putting it all out there for us lazy folk.

Musings From the Edge is a thought provoking blog that takes us in other directions. A thinking blog, but about things other than politics. Sometimes it is nice to reflect inward instead of at the rest of the world and this blog is good for that. I have to thank Rachel, at Indigo Luna, for providing the link to this little gem. We often need to take some time for personal reflection and introspection if we are to maintain in this fast paced world. Some days we just need to slow down and take a deep breath and think about ourselves and cater to our own needs. The world does not stop when you take the time to do these things. The rest of the universe will wait for you and you are a much better person afterwards.

Happy reading!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Pretenders

It seems as if there is much activity going on with "pretenders" these days. Whether it be in the political arena or rock and roll. Like many of you I too was outraged when Dick Cheney decided that he was the holder of 2 distinct jobs and both of them were of the type that left him in the position of not having to talk about anything! I must admit that this White House has been the most talented at pulling rabbits out of hats. I do not think that I have ever seen a group that has been more creative in the ways they have crapped on the Constitution or the American people. I shake my head daily and after the Scooter Libby episode I even gave up all news for a few days in disgust.

Lloyd Garver is often a contributor to CBS News and today he an excellent article on Dick Cheney and his "second job". He compares him to a superhero, Senate Boy who turns in to Veep Man. It is funny and sadly, very true. You really should check it out.

Then we move on to a local gal. Chrissie Hynde, of the Pretenders, who's brother lives just a few blocks from my house. I have to say, that yes, I have even partied at his home. My little brush with famous. She is opening a very fancy vegetarian restaurant near here. She will be giving a free concert and party at the opening. They are also trying to get Devo as well. There have been much larger stories in the local papers. I will go and try the food while the hubby is out of the country since a vegetarian place has no draw for him. Meat all the way for my guy. I made a very lovely homemade vegetable lasagna once and he said it would be really good with a nice side of meat!!

So, I guess one article is about a "meathead" and the other is "meat less".

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Speaking of Food

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Happy & Safe 4th of July!!

While many of you will be going to festivals, or cooking out etc. I will be working EMS today in case anyone blows off a body part or gets burned while trying to play with fireworks after one too many adult beverages!

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable time with family & friends.