Saturday, July 14, 2007

Emptying Out the Junk Drawer

It has been another hectic week fueled by wine and junk food and MUCH espresso!! By Friday I was hitting the snooze button several times before finally getting up, but not willingly. I never even used to touch the snooze button, heck I used to get up on the click before the alarm would even go off, but now.....I dread mornings. Especially by Friday. I actually even work on Saturdays, but they are a bit more laid back and not so busy with work day people, at the coffee mega giant, I only do EMS on Wed. & Thurs. I have gotten really repulsed by my own unhealthy eating and activity habits. It is really hard to think about those things when you would just rather come home and take a nap. It is that vicious cycle; you feel better when you do workout and eat right and that makes it easier to keep doing it, but when you can not even get started again.... well, that is a whole different scenario.

I have also been avoiding all news and papers this week. I am not even watching the Daily Show. Just real mindless crap like Scrubs. I am so disgusted with politics right now and sick and tired of BushCo that I could scream. I try not to even look at the front page when people buy them at the coffee house. Actually the son and I have been watching movies, from Netflix, like Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. We did watch Stranger Than Fiction, with Will Farrell and loved it, although it is not something that will appeal to lots of his fans as it is very different movie with dark and subtle humor. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson have great roles as well. Farrell is really understated in this film.

I am finally through with my probationary driving period with my EMS unit. I can drive lights and sirens anytime/anywhere. So, I got my baptism, not by fire, but as it would seem appropriate with water. We had to drive Code Red to the hospital, and most of our hospitals require highway driving. It was as dark as night at 8:30 the AM and raining and storming like crazy. You could hardly see the cars in front of you and I had to drive, on the highway, in this weather as well as drive 60-65. I was white knuckles all the way!! I was chewing my gum until I think my jaws were aching!! We arrived safely and naturally the storm passed for the return drive.

Then, yesterday I was excited to get another good call that I just jumped in and we drove off. It was not until we came back out, to load and take the person to the hospital, that I noticed a section of cord hanging out of the side of the ambulance. In my excitement I had forgotten to unplug the changer and had pulled a section of it off and had been driving with the plug/cord hanging out the side. I unplugged it and showed the guys and said, "Ooops, my bad"! I'm not the first.

Sunday will be the beginning of John's third week in France. He is ready to leave. He has been working 72 hour weeks and the language barrier is making it a very slow process. He also is not really enamoured with the food. He has sent pictures of folks with their dogs in the restaurants and bars. They are allowed to take them right inside. There was a guy sitting right behind him with his dog on his lap. They also do not have any of the smoking regulations either. John can smoke everywhere but his hotel room and then they tell you that you can do it out the window. He did take some pictures of a really cool local home. You could tell it was old, made of stone, and had bats and crosses and dragons and gargoyles. All in the coolest colors. Dragons on the roof spires etc. Very, very cool. The home had a surrounding stone fence with lions on them and French words.

I have to take our Golden, Casey, to the vet today and that is one of the jobs that I like to have him home for. She is 109 pounds and gets spastic at the vet. This is a new vet too, so she will have many new things to smell. She hates to get weighed.

Well, that is a little bit out of the 'ol junk drawer for today. I see that it is now time to gird my loins for a short 4 hours at "ye olde coffee shoppe". Then vet and a quick stop at the wine store and maybe a night of movies and vino. I don't think I see any working out on the "to do" list for this weekend. Maybe next week.

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The Drew said...

Hi,Dharma,I wish I lead your exciting life.Sounds like you need a relaxing break...enjoy your weekend