Monday, July 26, 2010

Surgery Day

Today is surgery day for hubby's knee. Not nearly as invasive as the accompanying photo would suggest! We have to be there all day and since I can not take my laptop I am taking a book, one that I found at work and have just started, planning on several trips to the cafeteria and many caffeinated beverages!

I may even take a nap...who knows, but as hospitals usually do, I am sure that it will provide much blogging fodder, as this entire leg scenario has seemed to do right from the start.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Junk Drawer

It has been almost two months since the, "broken leg of aught 10", and hubby has become quite mobile on his crutches. We go to the doc next Wednesday and hopefully he will get the all clear to begin walking on it. He has three trips coming up and walking would be a good thing.

Now that Cleveland sports has completely fallen off the face of the earth I think we may just throw in the towel and start watching cricket. I mean it! We have nothing left except college sports.

Summer has been fantastic here with the exception of the ground hog family of four that has eaten everything in my gardens. I had to go out and buy potted plants to fill in the spots where they ate everything down to the ground. They have two babies this year and I have never seen them eat so much of my stuff. It pisses me off, but they are just so damn cute. So, I just get potted plants.

Work at the coffee mega giant has been so much nicer since I gave up my managerial position. I love just coming and going without any worries about the place. I have found some joy again in my work. I have been learning to back off and not always have to be in charge. I have decided that I like NOT being the boss anymore. I would rather enjoy my life than worry about work. I come home and enjoy my garden, sitting outside and relaxing. All that stress is gone. Sure, I miss some of the money, but have finally gotten it through my head that there is SO much more to living.

Just finished a nice 5 day mini vacation and read a good book, played Scrabble with my mom, and sat out and had a big fire. Life is very good indeed.