Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars & Hand

Getting my other hand done today. Sort of sad. It means that I will be going back to work soon. I had to admit that this time off has been refreshing and quite a bit of fun. I have had to deal with some annoyances, but spending time with friends, my dog and family has been worth it. The freedom of sleeping with no alarms has been soooooo freeing. The stress free feeling of going to bed when I want and not having to jump out of bed.

We watched the Oscars for lack of anything better to do. What a total bore. Everyone was kissing the ass of the big, boring English spectacle. The hosts were god awful! I mean so awful that I was embarrassed for them. I really think Jeff Bridges got passed over, in a very disappointing way, for True Grit. The same for the little girl that just carried that movie. All too predictable for me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Political Follies

It's not an issue that is confined to either side of the isle. Both sides are well known for their extramarital escapades. That brings us to today's topic...what the hell are these guys thinking?? The story is almost the same; married man with children seeking someone to engage in a fling.

Seems that he represented himself as a single lobbyist. Did he not realize by sending a picture that he was risking getting caught...and quite quickly.

I just do not understand the overwhelming urge to hook up versus your career! Not to mention your family. How little do these assholes care for their wife and kids that they can treat them like this? If this wife "stands by her man" I will be so pissed. At least Mark Sanford's wife had the strength to leave his sorry ass.

Then there is the career that is getting tossed aside. After all the time and years put in to the career washed down the drain. Is the life they are living so dull and unfulfilled that they have to look on Craig's List for excitement? Sad.

"(CNN) – Forget about Sarah. The next Palin to hold elective office just might be Bristol Palin.

The famous daughter of the former vice presidential candidate told E! News she "probably" will run for office some day if a pressing problem needs to be addressed."

After I finish laughing and pick myself up off the floor I will continue this rant.

The sad thing is that I believe that she is serious and takes herself seriously.

Part of what makes her statement, and Bristol so sad, is that she is under the impression that she could just jump in to office of some sort. Not mentioning the fact that she has had no other education than high school. Did she even graduate? Has her mother so skewed her vision that she doesn't realize the education and studying and years of serving that would be required before she could save the day.

Just another example how that family has become a "reality show" rather than anyone to be taken seriously either politically or otherwise.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

One Down, One to Go

Right hand done. Left hand on the 28th.

The biggest annoyance was not being able to have coffee in the morning. Since I am such an addict. I had not been looking forward to that ever since the surgery dates had been set. Luckily I was not totally put under and was able to have can of cola while in recovery right away. She also gave me crackers and my first Vicodin.

I have started to break them in half. They were making me weird, or I should say weirder than my normal. I got that feeling that I was falling through the couch. Like I was seasick and my head was in a fog. I imagine that there were times, in my 20's, that I might have paid good money to feel that way, but now it just makes me sick!

The actual time in the OR was just about 15-20 minutes. It took longer to get ready and recover than the actual procedure. I could hear them making small talk and could have opened my eyes, but there was really nothing to see except the blue sheet with them on the other side.

The way it is wrapped I can move all my fingers quite easily with the pain really only on the edge of my palm. So far I really don't have any major pain complaints. Although it was just Monday, so I have a few days to see how it gets. Sadly though I seem to have a cold! I was getting it the day of surgery and now it is a full blown cold. That sucks. Hope it will be gone by the next surgery date.

Friday, February 04, 2011


There is nothing more important, or riveting, than what is happening in Egypt. I have been watching news and reading as much as I can. Like many Americans I am not thoroughly aware of the politics in that area of the world, so I am trying to educate myself. It is a huge undertaking. Multi layered with years and years of history.

My hubby is due to travel into that part of the world, in a few months, and it is an area of great concern for me. We have to admit that Americans are not received with open arms. Why do we think the people were pissed when they picked up the tear gas canisters and they said Made in the United States!!

I don't have half the knowledge to post anything deep or involved, but I am aware and trying to stay as up to date as I can. A few friends and I have been meeting for coffee and discussing it at length, but they were Political Science majors and are more aware of the politics of that area than I and they provide me with great insight. I find it sad that many of the younger people I work with are not concerned and can not even discuss the issues. I guess if it's not on Facebook or You Tube it isn't relevant.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Simply Deranged

There is simply something terribly wrong with the members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.

You know them. They are frequently in the news for protesting at the funerals of servicemen, those who have died of AIDS or those who are gay. Now they are planning to protest at the services of the two teenagers that were recently killed by their mother because their father is in the military.

It is hard to believe that these people even refer to themselves as a church or even try to convince anyone that they have a god. They simply come across as crazy, evil and just plain bad folks. They even have children among them. Holding signs and shouting crazy rhetoric while decent folks are trying to grieve.

I know that they are a very small church with limited members, but they sure make enough racket. You know how the squeaky wheel gets the grease, well they manage to garner a great deal of attention. How could anyone agree with the crap that they spread? I don't understand how anyone could find them a credible group/church to join. If there is anyone that needs to be is them!