Tuesday, February 08, 2011

One Down, One to Go

Right hand done. Left hand on the 28th.

The biggest annoyance was not being able to have coffee in the morning. Since I am such an addict. I had not been looking forward to that ever since the surgery dates had been set. Luckily I was not totally put under and was able to have can of cola while in recovery right away. She also gave me crackers and my first Vicodin.

I have started to break them in half. They were making me weird, or I should say weirder than my normal. I got that feeling that I was falling through the couch. Like I was seasick and my head was in a fog. I imagine that there were times, in my 20's, that I might have paid good money to feel that way, but now it just makes me sick!

The actual time in the OR was just about 15-20 minutes. It took longer to get ready and recover than the actual procedure. I could hear them making small talk and could have opened my eyes, but there was really nothing to see except the blue sheet with them on the other side.

The way it is wrapped I can move all my fingers quite easily with the pain really only on the edge of my palm. So far I really don't have any major pain complaints. Although it was just Monday, so I have a few days to see how it gets. Sadly though I seem to have a cold! I was getting it the day of surgery and now it is a full blown cold. That sucks. Hope it will be gone by the next surgery date.


3HourTour said...

Ouch that looks like it hurts:) at least you came through it in style. get well soon

Dharma said...

I knew it was you. Thanks. I now have a cold on top of recovery. Puffs with lotion & Vicks.

3HourTour said...

...but were you hoping it wasn't?

Dharma said...

No, wondered what happened with you & how you & your family were doing.

3HourTour said...

my father-in-law died in December.he was a good man and will be missed. I am doing alot of snow plowing ....even plowed today...all day. I have had only one day off -last Sunday- from it in three weeks...besides that, it's the same old same old.Thanks for asking:)