Thursday, February 10, 2011

Political Follies

It's not an issue that is confined to either side of the isle. Both sides are well known for their extramarital escapades. That brings us to today's topic...what the hell are these guys thinking?? The story is almost the same; married man with children seeking someone to engage in a fling.

Seems that he represented himself as a single lobbyist. Did he not realize by sending a picture that he was risking getting caught...and quite quickly.

I just do not understand the overwhelming urge to hook up versus your career! Not to mention your family. How little do these assholes care for their wife and kids that they can treat them like this? If this wife "stands by her man" I will be so pissed. At least Mark Sanford's wife had the strength to leave his sorry ass.

Then there is the career that is getting tossed aside. After all the time and years put in to the career washed down the drain. Is the life they are living so dull and unfulfilled that they have to look on Craig's List for excitement? Sad.

"(CNN) – Forget about Sarah. The next Palin to hold elective office just might be Bristol Palin.

The famous daughter of the former vice presidential candidate told E! News she "probably" will run for office some day if a pressing problem needs to be addressed."

After I finish laughing and pick myself up off the floor I will continue this rant.

The sad thing is that I believe that she is serious and takes herself seriously.

Part of what makes her statement, and Bristol so sad, is that she is under the impression that she could just jump in to office of some sort. Not mentioning the fact that she has had no other education than high school. Did she even graduate? Has her mother so skewed her vision that she doesn't realize the education and studying and years of serving that would be required before she could save the day.

Just another example how that family has become a "reality show" rather than anyone to be taken seriously either politically or otherwise.


3HourTour said...

Hi, Dharma, Great post. I agree with you, this guy is a douchebag.... or perhaps another of your assholes.While Some circles may think that between consenting adults in long term relationships,'sexting' it's okay, it should never be considered safe.While a shirtless photograph is not considered pornographic( this guy at least had the decency to keep his pants on ) the context makes it offensive. if she asks for a picture of him with his shirt off, it is going to sender any picture at all, why not send a photo of himself at the beach or working out at the gym?

Another reason he is a sleezebag is that he has a wife and family. I heard some people in his condition blame male menopause for the excuse of their bad behavior. Even if this condition is true I have always thought that we're more than just our body functions. We don't have to behave in any way we do not want to. No matter what are body tries to tell us. That's free will,baby.

Bristol palin could someday be a very good politician... after all abraham lincoln did you go too far in school( or did he he was a lawyer)? Anyway, people have overcome lack of education. but I think you're right. I think she thinks she deserves it and that it should be handed to her.... what is the tea party against free handouts....Mmm

Once again great post thank you:)

Dharma said...

The way the world operates today I do not think that anyone can hold office without good amounts of knowledge. Especially the offices that we are talking about. It would just be plain silly, hilarious if you will, for someone to try and get elected to office who had no education or large amounts of world knowledge etc.