Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars & Hand

Getting my other hand done today. Sort of sad. It means that I will be going back to work soon. I had to admit that this time off has been refreshing and quite a bit of fun. I have had to deal with some annoyances, but spending time with friends, my dog and family has been worth it. The freedom of sleeping with no alarms has been soooooo freeing. The stress free feeling of going to bed when I want and not having to jump out of bed.

We watched the Oscars for lack of anything better to do. What a total bore. Everyone was kissing the ass of the big, boring English spectacle. The hosts were god awful! I mean so awful that I was embarrassed for them. I really think Jeff Bridges got passed over, in a very disappointing way, for True Grit. The same for the little girl that just carried that movie. All too predictable for me.


3HourTour said...

Hello, Dharma .....congratulations on getting your hand fixed ....GWS.....Though I watched the Academy Awards...I liked Curt Douglas and not much else....have not really been a fan since they screwed over Saving Private Ryan

Dharma said...

OMG! The Kirk Douglas part was sooooooo painful to watch! I'm sorry, I know he's an old time star, but it was too much that they trotted him out while he can barely speak. It was too long and just added to the boring effect for me. They might as well have brought out Dick Clark!! :-D

They have become too preddictable that is for sure. This was the first time I have watched them in years and won't again unless they have a host that I really like.

3HourTour said...

Curts body might have failled him but his mind was sharp ..I loved it....96 years old or something like that....there's a man