Friday, February 04, 2011


There is nothing more important, or riveting, than what is happening in Egypt. I have been watching news and reading as much as I can. Like many Americans I am not thoroughly aware of the politics in that area of the world, so I am trying to educate myself. It is a huge undertaking. Multi layered with years and years of history.

My hubby is due to travel into that part of the world, in a few months, and it is an area of great concern for me. We have to admit that Americans are not received with open arms. Why do we think the people were pissed when they picked up the tear gas canisters and they said Made in the United States!!

I don't have half the knowledge to post anything deep or involved, but I am aware and trying to stay as up to date as I can. A few friends and I have been meeting for coffee and discussing it at length, but they were Political Science majors and are more aware of the politics of that area than I and they provide me with great insight. I find it sad that many of the younger people I work with are not concerned and can not even discuss the issues. I guess if it's not on Facebook or You Tube it isn't relevant.

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3HourTour said...

I, too, heard about the teargas canisters. But I have also heard that, so far, Americans are being treated with respect. I hope your hubby will be alright. Maybe, it will all be over by then, anyways.