Sunday, June 28, 2009

Accidents Happen

John had his first accident while in another country. As far as I can gather he was showing the workers how to do something, they have never seen one of these machines before and he was showing them what to do. It included carrying a large piece of steel. This is where it gets fuzzy... I am not quite sure of how he fell, but fall he did!!

I told him to ice it, but you know how well men can listen at times, sorry guys and Guy, and the next day it was so swollen he had to have one of the Indian guys take him to the hospital. It was so swollen that they had to cut his wedding band off to take the x-rays.
They said that nothing looks broken, but want to get the swelling down, so they cast it up to his elbow with the fingers together. Gave him something for swelling and pain. The cast comes off in five days and they will take another look.

Aside from that he said he saw an elephant walking down the street on his way to work this morning.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blackened, Broiled or Pan Fried!!

What would you taste like to a cannibal?

I think that I am happy about this because doesn't everything taste like chicken? At least I know that I will stand out on the buffet!!

Created by Recipe Star

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hug Someone

God, Country & Caffeine Addiction

Looks like the south is loosing their standing with God as another staunch, southern, God - lovin' politician falls into the slimy, sex/love affair abyss.

A man having an affair would not really be that much of a big deal if his party and the religious conservatives didn't make such a deal out of the south and their "God fearing values" and all. They always stand on the party of, and with, family values and yet you have these politicians that seem to shun and disagree with their own party values. I am totally aware that it is common to both sides, but these guys are the ones who continue to claim such a close connection with their Lord and yet also continue to disregard said Lords pronouncements!

"Belcher says he has not conducted national polls since last year's election. "But at this point, when it comes to values, the Republican brand has deteriorated more, and their hopes of making gains in the coming midterms has to be dramatically undermined," he says. "My guess is that we've now gone from a tossup on values with the Republicans to [Democrats] having at least a 4- or 5-point advantage."

Sanford, who was considered a potential 2012 White House contender, has long been a darling of "pro-family" religious conservatives. In the 2008 election, Christian right activists who were unenthusiastic about the Republican presidential field tried unsuccessfully to draft him as a presidential candidate."

I think that this party needs to totally give up on the family values angle and look for other ways to capture their peoples interests. If the south is still yearning for the days of Andy and Aunt Bea in Mayberry then maybe they need to look at a calendar and realize that in 2009 those ideals are long gone!! Even the party of family values no longer values their long touted values.

By the way, if this is another lambasted political wife, who "stands by her man" I will personally drive down there and bitch slap her!!

My life has just taken a turn towards amazing! Looks like I have had the right idea all along, and job too!! Seems that coffee is now not only good for you, but GREAT!!

Finally, a time when I have been ahead of the curve and the crowd! I have been working hard at warding off diabetes, Parkinson's and liver cancer. I knew at some point in life I was going to be doing something right. Hell, the antioxidants and fiber are just a lovely extra that come with my 6 to 8 shots of espresso a shift. Maybe now, instead of worrying about that extra serving of vegetables a day I can have another tall non-fat latte!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God Bless the American Housewife!

I just could not believe what I was hearing! I could not get to a pen and paper fast enough to write it down. It was four in the morning and I was getting ready for work. My habit is to turn on the chat radio shows to see what people are talking about. Usually, at that hour, you will find the variety of uber conservative types , that I have never heard of, that they run in the hours when there is usually no one up and not too many folks least this is what I believe. Maybe these people have huge legions of fans and a gigantic fan base. If that is the caes then I am very afraid!!

The chat host was a woman, and I do not recall hearing her name, but she sounded somewhat youthful. I know you can not tell much from an anonymous voice, but she did not sound elderly. She was in the middfdle of a discussion when I turned her on, but it was the closing comment before commercial that cuaght my attention most. She ended with, "God bless the American housewife". Are you kidding me??

The "idea" of the traditional housewife has been dead for years! If not largely at least it is in my mind and with the people that I associate. In a time when both people in the home, not to mention those without a partner, must work I find it appalling that there are those who either yearn for the 1950's ideal of a "stay-at-home" mom type. It just can not be done. Unless the other income is so good that the woman does not need to work there is no choice these days. There are usually two cars to pay for and kids crap is not cheap. The time of the wife at home cooking dinner is long gone. Granted they still may try and enforce it in the extreme Christian home, but generally speaking the family dinner time has become a thing of the past.

When Max was small I tried to have that sort of dinner, but as he got older and more involved in other activities and John and I had different types of jobs and schedules it became more difficult and even more stressful to cook and eat a meal. It was much easier to throw in a Stouffers Lasagna and talk while we all watched a movie together.

Sometimes when I listen to these conservative chat people talk about the need for mom's to stay home and raise the kids it makes me want to scream. Their target audience might make enough for that to happen, but what about for the rest of the population that has to struggle to make ends meet and have to have multiple incomes? What about God bless the single wage earners, or multiple earners, who are trying to pay for basic living?

They always complain about how the liberals always pick on them, but it seems to me as if they are still living, or want to live, in the Father Knows Best era. Mom/wife in a dress with an apron and pearls when dad gets home from the office and she hands him the pipe and a martini!!

Also, they always have to bring God into it as well. They love to hearken back to how a good, God fearing, Christian woman/family lifestyle is the best for the country and this time in which we live. Yuck!! Obliviously ignorant of the fact that there are plenty of good women out there, raising kids and families that are neither God fearing or Christian.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drug Induced Stupor

Nothing like an unknown ache & pain, a few Vicodin and some wine to really make for a swell weekend!! Boy, do I know how to party like a rock star!!

It was a sharp pain, Friday night, that woke me from a dead sleep. Sharp pain in my left shin area just below the knee. I finally got back to sleep. Saturday night the same thing. I just could not get comfortable in the bed and more difficulty getting back to sleep. Went to work Sunday morning and it was not until I had done some kneeling, at work, that I came home at the pain and become intense. I also noticed while I was sitting, at the desk and doing the banking, at work that it actually was like a burning sensation. I had more comfort standing as a did it. It also was very uncomfortable to sit and drive, although I did not have a standing option there.

When I got home, Sunday afternoon, I tried to ice, but the pain and tearing/burning sensation was just too severe, so John took me to the med center. They took x-rays and gave me a knee brace. They also took blood to check for gout. So, that is where I am now. Waiting to hear about the results. As I sit here it is still burning/hurting. The Vicodin takes the edge off at night, but I can't take that and expect to work!! Not if people want their $5.00 latte to be what they asked for!!

At home though is another story! Last night it was wine and Vicodin and re-runs of NCIS. Iced off and on, but nothing seems to really help. They also gave me some steroids for inflammation, but I would have thought by now that if there was inflammation that they would have helped. I can walk fine, but it is the sitting and kneeling that are painful. It just feels like the meat is tearing away from the bone. How fun does that sound!! Sure makes the wine and Vicodin sound inviting doesn't it.

It just sucks when shit starts to happen to your body parts that are out of your control and it is not anything that can be deduced quickly. Things that require multiple tests suck! I am just wondering if I did not get a small stress fracture when I tried to run last Thursday, on my day off, and now I am feeling it. There you have it folks....another example of how healthy pursuits are dangerous!!

As for the Max update................he moved back home after two days in a bachelor pad with four guys, all 18, who are on their own for the first time. We all have talked and hopefully it is moving in a better direction for all of us!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Just Never Know

Yesterday it became apparent that you just really never know what might be going on in other people's lives. Those you work with as well as those you might serve. people that you come in contact with every day and all day long.

I am one of those people who always goes to work with a good attitude. People think that I am always funny & goofy. They have a good time working with me. They can never tell what my personal life might be like. There are other people, and I am sure that you have worked with people like this, they are always an emotional wreck or have some sad story or wear their emotional baggage on their sleeves.

I had a meeting with my boss yesterday to discuss a promotional/reward program that they asked me to create/implement etc. As it was over he shared some news with me that nearly brought him to tears and me as well. Then I shared with him the drama that is currently going on in my life. he was quite surprised and said, " What a mess are we right now"! Yes, I said, but you know I never try to roll my problems to work in a wheelbarrow. He knows that is the truth.

Max left me a note yesterday that he is moving out. He is coming over today to discuss what his plans are etc.

I am torn between being crushed, feeling like a failure, or begging him to stay. I feel terrible. The last thing I am interested in right now is work!! I could not be working on that promotion at a more dysfunctional time!

He has no intention of going into the Navy. I know this because he came home with an entire "sleeve" on tattoo outlines on his arm. not that I am opposed to tats, but you know if you can't afford them and don't have a really good job to pay all your bills etc. that you should be holding off, but he has not. I am not even sure that he still has a job. At least not enough hours at one to pay the bills he currently has.

I know that I moved away from home at 18, but I also got a really good job AND was able to pay bills. I was also moving out of an abusive environment. Max has nothing like that going on here. We have always been supportive and done all kinds of things with and for him as an only child.

I do not know what he is thinking. I guess I will know in a few hours, but it does not stop me from feeling like a failure as a parent. It feels like after 18 years I did not do any of it right. I have not given him any direction. I did not do my job properly because he is floundering and does not know what to do. I watch all these people whose kids are graduating and going off to schools and careers and mine is just floating off into nothingness.........

He says that he is going to go and stay with his friend that just moved in with some people and it is a first apartment. Oh yeah! I am thrilled about this.

I have always been so good at putting on the stage face and not letting people know what my personal life was like. Maybe as the result of having grown up in such a dysfunctional home it was my coping mechanism. It makes me look at customers in an entirely different light. How do I know what happened to them this morning before they came in for their coffee? How do I know what their kids did or said to them this week?

John is leaving Monday and for the first time I will be totally alone. I will not have Max here to watch junk television with. No one to talk to about the newest You Tube videos. It will be totally & utterly quiet here.

He had such promise with his electrical engineering background. I know that you can not force anyone to do anything, but it is very hard to watch or sit by and just let them go, when you have no idea what they are going to. I am feeling stunned, shocked and dismayed right now and can not imagine where to go from here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Date Night

The furor over the Presidents "date night" just is not affecting me. Honestly, I could care less! I don't ever watch the news, but am still annoyed that it is all over the internet news as well. I guess for some it is news, since they hate him so much, but for me....I have to admit that if it were John and I in the White House and I had the ability to do so...I most certainly would!!

No matter who you are and what your job might be there are just times when you need to go out and have some time with the person you are with. You spend a little more than you would like, but the rewards to your relationship are unmeasurable! I know that the taxpayers and Repubs are raising hell over the Obama's trip to New York, but I could care less. More power to them I say! If he promised, he promised. Good for him for the follow through. I wish I had the money, or John had the ability, to follow through on all of his.our promised activities.

The media needs to concentrate on things that are far more news worthy.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Doggie Tales

When we took our cruise, in 2004, we had two dogs and decided to kennel them for the week. Knowing what a burden it can be to ask people to make several trips to your house during the day and on weekends. Not to mention that people really do not care to spend as much time throwing tennis balls and talking to your dogs like you do. There is also the pain of taking time out of your day/routine/plans to take care of the dogs. So..... having said all of that..... John and I said that....well, I should say that I said that John & I would watch our friends three dogs for four days while they were out of town.

They asked if we would, I know the cost for three dogs would have been a good amount, so I said that we would. I know the hassles of kenneling, BUT...I also know the hassle of these three dogs! The oldest two are brothers and about six year old Labs, the puppy is only 6 months old and a Lab mix as well. They ARE a rowdy bunch of dogs. One of the older dogs takes hip medication and that will come in to play very shortly.

They called and said that they had decided that the puppy could remain out int he house during the day, but that he would get in his kennel at night. So, the first day that we arrive we got quite a surprise. The puppy had either totally eaten, half eaten or chewed up the following, and mind you this is a list of the stuff we found; a whole jar of peanuts, half clove of garlic, a bottle of fish food, a giant box of gum, the older dogs arthritis meds, a box of tea bags, and an asthma inhaler. His kennel was full of peanut poop piles and also other places in the room. Gotta love that!

Luckily I still carry latex gloves in my purse, from the EMS days until my credentials expire in 2010, and I had something to wear while cleaning up! We got them outside and made the call so they could get some more pills from the vet. Had them out for hours that day hoping he would get anything else out of his system.

Not so lucky. When I came back later in the evening I went right in the door and promptly slid through a nice wet pile of puppy vomit at the inside of the back door. Not having any gloves this time I had to use copious quantities of paper towel to clean up that mess. After they had also all ran through it on their way to the back yard. Good dogs!

Once through with that event he seemed to settle down as did the other dogs and the rest of the weekend went by without a glitch. We took over a bottle of wine and sat around their pool for several hours enjoying the sun, their neighbors and also friends of ours, came over with beer and we sat until dark. We have now decided that we want their house to be our summer time share and will let them know when would like them to go out of town again so we can use the place!! Although I will be sure to pack more latex gloves in my purse!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I should be in bed right now trying to go to sleep. Instead I am sitting here, looking at Facebook and blogs and all sorts of other misc. All the while drinking a mug of hot chocolate that I hope will relax me and make me sleepy. Sigh! It is doubtful. The mug is now nearly empty and here I still sit..........

I have to get up in a few short hours and I already know that it is going to be ugly! Yet I will be expected to make nice smiley faced comments as I serve other people what will probably be their first latte of the day. Since they will be paying top dollar for said latte I sure as hell better be smiling AND loving life at six tomorrow morning!

I had a glass, or two, of red wine and went to bed at a very decent hour with all of the best intentions. Then it seems that the minute my head hit the pillow every thought that I had in my head for the past 30 years floated to the top like a nice head of foam on a mug of beer. Try as I might with ear plugs and self relaxation techniques I could not get to sleep. I may have been on the verge at one point, but then thoughts of my upcoming class reunion floated into the view finder of my brain.

There are the usual haunts like bills, and work, and family and trips to the vet and... the list goes on and on. I know that if I got my ass back to running and the gym that it would probably help, but I got sluggish during my 3 week hiatus with bronchitis and now I don't want to go back! I much prefer the option of drinking alcohol and smoking pot! Although the gym is deducting the cash automatically from my bank, and I simply can not afford one of the other two choices, I guess I had better get my ass to the gym!

So here I sit for the last hour with mindless diversion and trying to find something to put me in the mood to sleep. Maybe I should pull up the Ikea web site and start looking through light fixtures and maybe that will do the trick!