Sunday, June 28, 2009

Accidents Happen

John had his first accident while in another country. As far as I can gather he was showing the workers how to do something, they have never seen one of these machines before and he was showing them what to do. It included carrying a large piece of steel. This is where it gets fuzzy... I am not quite sure of how he fell, but fall he did!!

I told him to ice it, but you know how well men can listen at times, sorry guys and Guy, and the next day it was so swollen he had to have one of the Indian guys take him to the hospital. It was so swollen that they had to cut his wedding band off to take the x-rays.
They said that nothing looks broken, but want to get the swelling down, so they cast it up to his elbow with the fingers together. Gave him something for swelling and pain. The cast comes off in five days and they will take another look.

Aside from that he said he saw an elephant walking down the street on his way to work this morning.

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