Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I should be in bed right now trying to go to sleep. Instead I am sitting here, looking at Facebook and blogs and all sorts of other misc. All the while drinking a mug of hot chocolate that I hope will relax me and make me sleepy. Sigh! It is doubtful. The mug is now nearly empty and here I still sit..........

I have to get up in a few short hours and I already know that it is going to be ugly! Yet I will be expected to make nice smiley faced comments as I serve other people what will probably be their first latte of the day. Since they will be paying top dollar for said latte I sure as hell better be smiling AND loving life at six tomorrow morning!

I had a glass, or two, of red wine and went to bed at a very decent hour with all of the best intentions. Then it seems that the minute my head hit the pillow every thought that I had in my head for the past 30 years floated to the top like a nice head of foam on a mug of beer. Try as I might with ear plugs and self relaxation techniques I could not get to sleep. I may have been on the verge at one point, but then thoughts of my upcoming class reunion floated into the view finder of my brain.

There are the usual haunts like bills, and work, and family and trips to the vet and... the list goes on and on. I know that if I got my ass back to running and the gym that it would probably help, but I got sluggish during my 3 week hiatus with bronchitis and now I don't want to go back! I much prefer the option of drinking alcohol and smoking pot! Although the gym is deducting the cash automatically from my bank, and I simply can not afford one of the other two choices, I guess I had better get my ass to the gym!

So here I sit for the last hour with mindless diversion and trying to find something to put me in the mood to sleep. Maybe I should pull up the Ikea web site and start looking through light fixtures and maybe that will do the trick!

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