Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good for Goodness Sake

I love this sign. I love what it says and implies. I did not know, until I read Time today, that there were Atheist groups getting them on buses here in the U.S. I knew about the brouhaha in Brittan, but was unaware that there were any signs going on here.

I am thrilled to see it. With the bus service we have in my town, servicing the university, I wish we could get them up on them, but don't see it happening. Even though the buses serve all of the county there are people who would claim that they are part of the school and can not take upon them that type of advertising.

I have said , for a long time, that people can be good people without the Big Sky Man, or the Book, telling you how to live. I can be a good person without all that crap. How can you not? Who are the folks that are weak enough that they simply can not, or are too afraid, to make choices without one or the other. I simply can not understand or fathom these types of people. They have some degree of intellect....why don't they use it to question and ponder? Or do I give them too much credit?

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