Friday, May 01, 2009


Seriously? I can not even believe the article let alone the fact that there is even any discussion about this topic. It must be a slow news day over at MSNBC.

They are actually asking the question about whether or not people are ready for the winner of American Idol to be gay! I can not even believe that it is a question.

Who cares! Everyone knew Clay Aiken was, and if you didn't I am sorry for bursting your bubble, and he still won. Isn't it supposed to be about the TALENT? At least that is what they say the main theme is on that show.

I will admit that I did watch the very first year when it was a new show and a fresh break on TV. I also liked Kelly Clarkson's voice etc. I have not thought that it was well done for many years now. On a few nights when I was bored as hell, and maybe had a few glasses of wine too many, I have taken a peek and thought that they were mostly boring...except for this Adam kid that is causing the big, fat GAY debate.

He does have a voice, maybe not so much for hard rock, but he is much more fun to watch than the others. Anyway.... I suppose that it is just a ploy to keep people talking, as I am now, that they are making this into a topic. People like to have "Idol" water cooler conversations at work. The producers know that this may be the last year that anyone will even tolerate that show and so they have to cook up something to get/keep viewers.

Kids are mostly the audience and when have they ever cared about some singers sexuality? If they don't give a crap when some rappers shoot and kill each other or beat their women, heavy metal guys go into and out of rehab, why would they give a darn about whether or not Adam is gay? Besides there are so many guys out there wearing eyeliner these days that it is nothing new or anything to talk about!


Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken lost American Idol. He was a runner-up. Ruben Studdard won.

Dharma said...

My bad! But whoa there was another talent!! I couldn't even remember who won! What does that tell you about the show and the "winners"?

IamMesmerized said...

I get a kick out of reading articles that say Clay won. He certainly did in the minds of his fans but for some reason which will never be determined, he did come in second.

The fact that he has been first ever since has some confused! LOL

Dharma said...

I think that is because Reuben Studdard was SO forgettable! Just like so many others from that show. Those who have done well, and marginally well, have had more talent or had something about them that was marketable.