Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taking the Plunge into a Double Tall Sugar Free Vanilla Non-Fat extra Whip Latte

This week, even while ill, I met with the muckity-mucks, the powers-that-be, my higher-ups with the coffee mega giant. I have decided to move my way up the corporate ladder.

Even though the economy is not yet recovering or moving in a strong manner there is still possibility for growth within the company. There are promoting from within and not looking for outside people. That is where I fit in.

After three years I have decided to go ahead and work on the promotion. I don't want to look for another teaching job and have to start off at the bottom of the ladder and face another job loss. I am invested in this job and have good benefits. With a promotion it would mean a VERY nice wage increase and even more PERKS! Yes, an intended pun.

They are accepting my offer to train and sending me to several necessary classes where I will learn more about business. Things that have been outside of my previous schooling such as profit and loss statements and various other business classes that I might require. Then my district manager will have some practice interviews with me to prepare for the panel that I will meet with before they give me the final/actual promotion. It could all be in place by the end of Aug. and I could actually stay in my current store. That would be my ideal.

I like wearing a simple "uniform" and not having to dress teacher-like and worry about what I look like daily. I am too advant-guarde to fit into a traditional school setting and have found that this job better suites my lifestyle and personality these days. It seems to be something that I could do for a good while.

Not to mention that we sell my favorite last legal drug!!

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