Friday, May 15, 2009

Blowing My Brains Out

It has been nine days. Ten if you count the night that I actually started with the sore throat. Ten VERY long and arduous days and nights. Sleepless, hacking, barking, sneezing and blowing, falling asleep with cough drops stuck to either my teeth or the roof of my mouth. Sleeping on either side, sleeping sitting up, basically NOT sleeping. Top it ALL off with a good deal of working and a companion box of Kleenex and an overall bitchy attitude and that will sum up this recent bought with a virus.

Today I am finishing off the OTC bottle of mucus fighting pills as I STILL continue to blow what is left of my brains out! I can not recall having been this sick in quite some time. Well, as an over achiever I can not do anything unless I do it 110%. Yes sir, that's how I roll.

Several near melt downs at work and a few real good melt downs at home helped to seal the deal. I was a total mess! Nothing says fun like having to actually work AND function at home when you are hacking up a lung.

It all started last Tuesday when John & I went to the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game and I had a sore throat that morning. I knew that was an ominous sign. Already having surprised John with the tickets I could not ruin the good time that we knew we would have. To make it even more fun I had gotten us a hotel room on Priceline dot com, at a very swank $200 dollar a night room, for fifty bucks!!! Love Priceline! Throat was killing me at this point.

Being the intelligent person that I am I continued on to the game and proceeded to scream, what could have been left of my voice, until I had no voice at all. That was smart. It was all downhill from there. not to mention the vast array of germs that I could have picked up from the 25,000+ fans. Should have passed around the Purell a few times.

So I am sure that lack of sleep and a crazy week at work did not help with the severity of this illness. Since I was stressed and my immune system was vastly compromised.

On the upside I think I managed to sleep most of last night. I don't remember it, so I think that it means that I slept. YES!! I have the day off, the sun is shinning and even though I have a list as long as my arm of things that NEED to be done....... it is all good because I think I can get it all done without a cough drop or the ever ready glass of water and the truck sized box of tissues.

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