Monday, May 04, 2009

Back Off Vatican

I know that If I wasn't getting sick that this would be a much longer and well thought out posting, but with how I feel....... I am not seeing that happening. I will leave that to the folks that comment!

Seems like, once again, the Vatican has their panties in a bunch over another Dan Brown novel/turned movie by Ron Howard.

I was thrilled to hear that this book was being turned into a movie because I always thought that it was the more interesting and exciting book. If you haven't read it you should. It is much better than the DaVinci Code. Although I did enjoy the latter it just didn't hold a candle to A&D.

I can not believe that the Vatican still believes that it has such awesome power, and since they caused them some difficulties, it seems that they might. Silliness or is it? They talk about the" fictionality" of the book, but if that is the case why do they even care? The movie is not claiming to be a documentary, but rather ENTERTAINMENT!!

The Vatican would be wise to relax their collective sphincter and concentrate on something more useful to humanity.

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