Saturday, October 08, 2011

Weighty Issues

It has been an awesome summer. So much great time spent outdoors enjoying the garden the yard, the weather & dog. I have spent so little time blogging or other Internet/computer stuff. I have still been reading a good deal of news and keeping up with current events.

Now, with fall upon us and the weather making us stay inside more often I believe I will be getting back to blogging more frequently. The story that brought me to blog today is one that makes my blood boil. It is the idea that Chris Christie was somehow too fat to be president!!

No matter what your political leanings You should also find this quite insulting. As a society that fights with issues of weight the idea that we would then look at the exterior of the person and not their abilities is very offensive.

It is a story that is oft repeated daily in the workplaces all throughout this country. Folks that work in various occupations, or those looking for work, are often discriminated against due to size.

People who order large meals, and who might be larger, are often criticized when they order a diet beverage. As a society we often question those who are in the grocery stores buying pizza when they are larger. We discuss what their possible health issues might be and question their abilities to handle work and even if they are smart enough.

Why the double standard? We never suggest that thinner folks should order a side of fries and a milkshake with their meal! No one thinks to debate the intellect of a thinner person or their ability to do a job.

No matter if you agree with, or even like his politics, the issues of his weight should have no bearing on his abilities. Same goes for all of us. As women we know especially well how weight issues can play with our heads. All of our lives we fight with trying to be thinner. we buy every magic pill. We try tons of "get thin fast" diets and schemes. We yo-yo as we loose weight and gain weight. There are times in our lives when it totally consumes us.

Myself, it has taken me MANY years to get to a place where I am tolerant of my own weight issues. Yes, I still remain concerned, but now it is out of health concerns mostly and just a little bit out of wanting to wear a smaller size. I am much more realistic in my expectations now. I try and do/make smart choices. I try to get in some kind of exercise4. I will not say that I am totally over the sensitivity and serious caring, but I am finally comfortable with myself and in my own skin.

I am sure Mr. Christy is well aware of his weight/health issues and as he has said ."I just eat too much". I am sure he doesn't need others to point it out to him. Just as the rest of us.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Great 2011 Summer Weekend

I can not believe how fortunate I have been this summer. Great weather and awesome days off mixed with good requests had made me feel so refreshed! This weekend has marked another small, yet unasked for, mini-vacation. My boss just gave me the weekend and a Monday & Tuesday off!! Which worked out great since hubby had to make a week long trip to Iowa. Gonna check out the straw and see why these polls are so popular. :-D

Then leaving shortly thereafter for Brazil this has made for some great family time. Hanging out in the yard with the dog, grill, wine & beer. Ahhhh good living.

Monday, August 15, 2011


The first word that came to mind as I began to contemplate this election season. I watched all the wonks and talking heads on the Sunday news shows. I am interested, but mostly the word that describes me is....BORED.

I have been reading about various potential candidates and their issues etc., but I have never been more bored with all of it! I am tired of them all and tired of hearing about "their" issues. Let's be honest, who REALLY talks about the things that really matter to most of us? Seriously. They give it lip service, but we all know it's just rhetoric and popular talking points, but after the recent crisis of assholes in D.C. we all know that it is all about keeping their jobs.

Those career politicians and ego-centric jerks are all about how they can keep their cushy government job. They are so afraid if they really do what people want they will get voted out. Well, if I can do my part it is going to be getting rid of EVERY incumbent and start off with a fresh group. Hell, they can't be any worse than those who already have the job.

Never in my life have I talked to more people, in my age group +/- 5 years, who are more disappointed. Several have even said that if Obama is the only choice they will either vote independent or NOT AT ALL. First time since I have been old enough to vote that I have heard that. I can't say that I am very happy with his job performance and I am sorry that I voted for him. Not that there is a better option out there, but I am disappointed that I fell for the smoke and mirrors of his speech making.

I have no desire to make any of the others my choice, but am looking for someone to come along on a white horse. Sadly, I know that there is no one and this is going to be a sad and disappointing election.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Turning 21

Max turned 21. How did that happen and how did all those years get past me? Of course I got all teary when I was buying cards. Stood in the store and as I started reading them I went all mushy.

We wanted to do something different and something memorable. We didn't have much time to do it. Hubby had already been in Brazil, for a month, and could come back for just a week. I had seen a commercial for Mountaineer, in West Virginia, and thought it could be fun. So I started to look in to it and talk to others.

Friends said that they had fun and it was very casual. The other thing that made it so attractive was the hotel was attached. There are more expansive and cool casinos in Pittsburgh, but you have to stay in an off site hotel and take a shuttle. Not something we wanted with a 21 year old drinking in a strange place.

Just a little over an hour away it proved to be quite the smart choice. I got such a good package deal, since we were going mid-week, that we were able to take a good amount of gambling cash and give Max a nice little bundle as well. We also got vouchers for free breakfast the next morning. That was an excellent deal. we only paid $12 for a meal that was almost $50. Best steak, eggs and waffles I have had in ages!!

We mostly played penny and nickle slots. A few quarter, but hubby & I both won our mo0st on the penny machines. He won almost 200 an d I won 90ish twice. So we ended up breaking even since we continued to play and did a bit more the next morning. Max saved the most cash because it really wasn't his bag. Too loud and too much going on and he couldn't get the gist of the machines and honestly did not enjoy losing money!! He did have a great time and it was an excellent way to control the first big legal drinking. He was very surprised. He and dad shared the beer that hubby brought back from China just for the occasion.

Not something I would do often, but I really think it is a fun specialty trip and might go back in the fall and take my mom.

Monday, August 01, 2011

A Big Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us...happy birthday to all of us!! This weekend I attended a huge birthday party for myself and about 100 people that I graduated from high school with. We are all turning 50 this year. So the people in charge planned ,not a reunion, but a big birthday shebang for all of us.

It was a blast! Held at a pub, owned by a classmate, we had cake, food and dancing. Not to mention a few cocktails.

A good time talking to folks that I have not seen in years. Including the guy I had a secret crush on in junior high. First time I had seen him since high school.

Girls I have know since second grade, girls I was in musicals.

Glad I took the next day off!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend!!

My mom just said to me, "You play, you pay"! My ass got kicked! Three nights out in a row, and working, was just too much for me. Glad I took today off because I need to get my head together, rest and try and catch up.

Thursday night the Corkscrew Girls met at Riverside, an awesome wine & cheese establishment, right on the river. They have a lovely patio that juts over the river and often trains will run by. Two bottles of wine, cheese and pasta salad meant I got home around 11 and had to work early the next morning.

Friday my oldest and best friend from high school showed up and I took him back to Riverside! He came in from New York to see his family and I could not miss an opportunity to get together with him, so....another late night! I didn't get home until one in the morning and had to get up at six! Saturday morning required a stop at the drug store for a few bottles of Five Hour Energy!! Simply espresso was not going to do the trick all by itself.

Saturday had been set quite some time back and I had taken Sunday off as a precaution as I knew it would be a very late night with huge hangover potential. Luckily there was no wicked hangover, but I was tired as hell. Three nights of late activities has really taken its toll. I actually took a two hour nap this afternoon. Gone are the long weekends of partying. Long gone!

Saturday nights party was not only huge, but awesome. The host had a fireworks show that will rival many a city. They were spectacular! He has a landscaping business and saves all the brush he deals with and has a bonfire that is several stories high. he also has a tattoo artist there and so I got some additional work added to my arm skull. Now it looks like a "piece" rather than just a random stamp.

There were three live bands and hundreds danced in to the wee hours! My feet were filthy from dancing in flip flops. Did I mention that this guy also has a peacock? Seriously...he has some chickens too and I think a rooster.

Today I have spent the day chilling, doing misc. crap and recuperating. It was so worth it, but a huge price to pay!!