Monday, August 01, 2011

A Big Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us...happy birthday to all of us!! This weekend I attended a huge birthday party for myself and about 100 people that I graduated from high school with. We are all turning 50 this year. So the people in charge planned ,not a reunion, but a big birthday shebang for all of us.

It was a blast! Held at a pub, owned by a classmate, we had cake, food and dancing. Not to mention a few cocktails.

A good time talking to folks that I have not seen in years. Including the guy I had a secret crush on in junior high. First time I had seen him since high school.

Girls I have know since second grade, girls I was in musicals.

Glad I took the next day off!!


3HourTour said...

...hi,Dharma ...looks like one hell of a birthday bash....happy birthday:-)

Dharma said...

It WAS a good time! Fun to hear all the music from that time and talk to people I never/rarely see.