Saturday, August 06, 2011

Turning 21

Max turned 21. How did that happen and how did all those years get past me? Of course I got all teary when I was buying cards. Stood in the store and as I started reading them I went all mushy.

We wanted to do something different and something memorable. We didn't have much time to do it. Hubby had already been in Brazil, for a month, and could come back for just a week. I had seen a commercial for Mountaineer, in West Virginia, and thought it could be fun. So I started to look in to it and talk to others.

Friends said that they had fun and it was very casual. The other thing that made it so attractive was the hotel was attached. There are more expansive and cool casinos in Pittsburgh, but you have to stay in an off site hotel and take a shuttle. Not something we wanted with a 21 year old drinking in a strange place.

Just a little over an hour away it proved to be quite the smart choice. I got such a good package deal, since we were going mid-week, that we were able to take a good amount of gambling cash and give Max a nice little bundle as well. We also got vouchers for free breakfast the next morning. That was an excellent deal. we only paid $12 for a meal that was almost $50. Best steak, eggs and waffles I have had in ages!!

We mostly played penny and nickle slots. A few quarter, but hubby & I both won our mo0st on the penny machines. He won almost 200 an d I won 90ish twice. So we ended up breaking even since we continued to play and did a bit more the next morning. Max saved the most cash because it really wasn't his bag. Too loud and too much going on and he couldn't get the gist of the machines and honestly did not enjoy losing money!! He did have a great time and it was an excellent way to control the first big legal drinking. He was very surprised. He and dad shared the beer that hubby brought back from China just for the occasion.

Not something I would do often, but I really think it is a fun specialty trip and might go back in the fall and take my mom.


3HourTour said...

...Hi, Dharma ...WoW, they grow up soooo fast.John & you should be proud for a job done well.Max seems like a fine young man :-)

Looks like you threw him quite the party! What fun! (I miss all the good parties ;-)

Dharma said...

It was so much fun!! John is heading back to Brazil and summmer moves on! We also gave Max money to get an i pad. I know nothing about them. He is researching what he wants.