Monday, August 15, 2011


The first word that came to mind as I began to contemplate this election season. I watched all the wonks and talking heads on the Sunday news shows. I am interested, but mostly the word that describes me is....BORED.

I have been reading about various potential candidates and their issues etc., but I have never been more bored with all of it! I am tired of them all and tired of hearing about "their" issues. Let's be honest, who REALLY talks about the things that really matter to most of us? Seriously. They give it lip service, but we all know it's just rhetoric and popular talking points, but after the recent crisis of assholes in D.C. we all know that it is all about keeping their jobs.

Those career politicians and ego-centric jerks are all about how they can keep their cushy government job. They are so afraid if they really do what people want they will get voted out. Well, if I can do my part it is going to be getting rid of EVERY incumbent and start off with a fresh group. Hell, they can't be any worse than those who already have the job.

Never in my life have I talked to more people, in my age group +/- 5 years, who are more disappointed. Several have even said that if Obama is the only choice they will either vote independent or NOT AT ALL. First time since I have been old enough to vote that I have heard that. I can't say that I am very happy with his job performance and I am sorry that I voted for him. Not that there is a better option out there, but I am disappointed that I fell for the smoke and mirrors of his speech making.

I have no desire to make any of the others my choice, but am looking for someone to come along on a white horse. Sadly, I know that there is no one and this is going to be a sad and disappointing election.


3HourTour said...

...Hi,Dharma.Sadly,I must agree with you.The country is in a very sorry state.
Though(forever the optimus)I am still an Obama fan,I can see exactly why you are very disappointed in him.He is trying to govern against a very uncompromising Tea party foe using diplomacy,tact,and manners.He is bending over backwards,and just getting pushed further back for his troubles.

I wish he had half the balls Bill Clinton did.Let them shut the government down,then lets see how high and mighty the unrepentant a-holes really are.

But,no.President Obama plays the gentleman to the point of what's the point.

I see what you mean.

It is easy to overlook all the good that Obama has already done.He has saved the unscrupulous and greedy banks.He has brought the car companies out from the brink of ruin...saving the day,but at a costly cost.

He is getting us out of one war that the previous administration said we could never leave.He is winding down another one.He got Osama bin Laden and many other terrorists.

President Barack Obama has the world looking up to America again.We are gaining the repect we never should have ever lost.

He's repelled Don't Ask/Don't Tell.Gay marriges are now becoming legal in more and more states.

He is winning many an ecological fight.Does he win them all?No.But,he is winning some.

Obama is doing all this with an axis of evil(the god vote)biting at his heals NEVER giving an inch.With FOX news constantly attacking him,and bigots coming out of the closet with every verb coming out of a Tea Partyer's mouth.(Have you seen the bumpersticker,'Don't Renege In 2012' ?)

He is battling not only racism,but class warfare as well.Why are the rich paying the least amount of tax in 100 years while asking/telling us we have to scarifice our jobs,health care,future?Don't we pay our taxes,too?Doesn't all our pay until May go for taxes?Shouldn't we get something back from the government too?

This is all very unsettling.It seems like all the forces are aligned fighting against us.International corporations,the media.Even our friends.

Yet,to me,besides the Daily Show,it seems only Obama is standng up to this juggernaut that opposes our life,liberty and pursuit of happiness.


I love getting whooped up on a good three cups of coffee.

God Bless America!!!

Dharma said...

I just had a HUGE reply posted and lost it all!! I will re-type again at a later date. Crap.

3HourTour said...

Hi,again,Dharma ...boy,I hate that when that happens. Preposterous whenever. I'm always interested in your ideas and opinions.

3HourTour said...

...ahem..I meant repost. I hate when my phone changes my spelling ...

Dharma said...

Well, let's try this again!! I am going to copy my posts in case of wrong button pushing!!

I only slightly agree with you.

I don't disagree that taxation needs to be more fair across the board and I don't disagree with his Don't Ask work. Although m ost gay folks will tell you that it doesn't matter much as those in the service still keep it quiet for fear of retribution.

Gay marriage has little to do with him, although I am sure he will use it in his re-election material, but it has been due to states legislature. Good yes, but still doesn't impress me.

I could care less about Fox News, or any of them for that matter, I read many other publications to get actual news. All the TV people are slanted and they all want to tell you what they want you to know. If you read enough and a variety of news you can put together better info on your own.

As far as improving our place in the world and how other countries look at us....totally disagree. John travels everywhere and in no way are we seen in a favorable light. Other countries hate us. Obama has us involved in 3 places now and others dispise us for that as well as our pompas attitudes. It will take a great many strides for us to ever improve our place in the world.

Sorry to say I regret deeply that I voted for him as do many, in our age group, that I see daily. I can not even imagine what this next election will bring. I am already depressed about it and the prospects it will be bringing.

3HourTour said...

Hi,Dharma. As usual, you bring up many good points. I'vebased my positive American feelings on newspaper and magazine articles I have read. But, you cannot beat actual experience. John has that. I concede the point.
Though I wish he was not so passive, considering what he is up against, I feel Obama is doing a fairly good job.
The republican led tea party Would rather bring our country to its knees then not extend tax subsidies to the rich. They want a balanced budget but cannot conceive of letting the tax subsidies run out... that's right the tax subsidies are scheduled to end this year. Just buying not renewing the tax break subsidy we could balance the budget. they refuse to do this.
They would rather break the unions, take away our healthcare, ship out our jobs, ruin our education system then let the text subsidies run out.
I'm voting obama! Like obi wan kenobi... he is our only hope.