Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Great 2011 Summer Weekend

I can not believe how fortunate I have been this summer. Great weather and awesome days off mixed with good requests had made me feel so refreshed! This weekend has marked another small, yet unasked for, mini-vacation. My boss just gave me the weekend and a Monday & Tuesday off!! Which worked out great since hubby had to make a week long trip to Iowa. Gonna check out the straw and see why these polls are so popular. :-D

Then leaving shortly thereafter for Brazil this has made for some great family time. Hanging out in the yard with the dog, grill, wine & beer. Ahhhh good living.


3HourTour said...

Hi,Dharma sure are the fun meister :-)
Good times ...good times!
Also, very nice photos.

Dharma said...

I LOVE the summer! This has been one of the BEST. Weather & activities included!