Saturday, October 08, 2011

Weighty Issues

It has been an awesome summer. So much great time spent outdoors enjoying the garden the yard, the weather & dog. I have spent so little time blogging or other Internet/computer stuff. I have still been reading a good deal of news and keeping up with current events.

Now, with fall upon us and the weather making us stay inside more often I believe I will be getting back to blogging more frequently. The story that brought me to blog today is one that makes my blood boil. It is the idea that Chris Christie was somehow too fat to be president!!

No matter what your political leanings You should also find this quite insulting. As a society that fights with issues of weight the idea that we would then look at the exterior of the person and not their abilities is very offensive.

It is a story that is oft repeated daily in the workplaces all throughout this country. Folks that work in various occupations, or those looking for work, are often discriminated against due to size.

People who order large meals, and who might be larger, are often criticized when they order a diet beverage. As a society we often question those who are in the grocery stores buying pizza when they are larger. We discuss what their possible health issues might be and question their abilities to handle work and even if they are smart enough.

Why the double standard? We never suggest that thinner folks should order a side of fries and a milkshake with their meal! No one thinks to debate the intellect of a thinner person or their ability to do a job.

No matter if you agree with, or even like his politics, the issues of his weight should have no bearing on his abilities. Same goes for all of us. As women we know especially well how weight issues can play with our heads. All of our lives we fight with trying to be thinner. we buy every magic pill. We try tons of "get thin fast" diets and schemes. We yo-yo as we loose weight and gain weight. There are times in our lives when it totally consumes us.

Myself, it has taken me MANY years to get to a place where I am tolerant of my own weight issues. Yes, I still remain concerned, but now it is out of health concerns mostly and just a little bit out of wanting to wear a smaller size. I am much more realistic in my expectations now. I try and do/make smart choices. I try to get in some kind of exercise4. I will not say that I am totally over the sensitivity and serious caring, but I am finally comfortable with myself and in my own skin.

I am sure Mr. Christy is well aware of his weight/health issues and as he has said ."I just eat too much". I am sure he doesn't need others to point it out to him. Just as the rest of us.


3HourTour said...

...Hi,Dharma,great post.America is messed up all around the place when it comes to weight...and beauty.Mr.Cristy looks like an average Joe to me.But people are told that they want slick backed Barbie or Ken dolls for their idols.It's the same with music...Half naked pretty girls and shaved chested six pack guys fill our airwaves...and people wonder why today's music sucks.

On a trip up to northeastern Ohio a few weeks back,Robyn was showing me the fashion models in the magazines...they were amazingly skinny...bone thin..yet,still wearing high heels.They were soo skinny Robyn said she couldn't guage how the clothes would look on her..super-thin...creepy-thin..sickly thin...normal people don't look this way thin.

Yet,I see fat people.People so obese they have to use 'electric' wheelchairs and carts just to shop!My brother Ted needs a wheelchair to get around.It pisses him off (him,not me)that the electric ones are always taken at Wal-Mart by people so lazy that they drive them to their vans and only take one step into them.

It is a Billion dollar business made to make us berate ourselves.When people like you-I have never been able to find a single flaw in your looks,you seem perfectly beautiful to me-say they have had trouble with body perceptions,I know that this problem is media caused.

You are beautiful,Dharma.Don't let them tell you otherwise.

I'm glad you brought up the diet pop issue.Research has stated that while there are no calories in diet pop,that it expands your stomach much more then regular soda.The reason people buy diet soda pop-without realizing it,is to be able to eat MORE.

Regular pop,some studies have shown(others disagree )is less harmful.Yet,there is controversy that corn(sugar)syrup attaches to fat cells and draws calories in like a sponge.Regular sugared pop is suppose to be the less of the evils.It fills you up quicker so you drink less of it.

Water and whole milk are supposed to be the healthier stuff..but with science,who another week,they'll tell us different.

Damn!I did not mean to rant.Dharma,you inspired me with your post probably more then you wished :-)

Have a super day.I am glad you are going to be back at it.

Dharma said...

I stopped buying magazines a long time ago. They have pictures and articles that set women up for failure. Unrealistic expectations etc. It took me years to figure it out. Also a waste of money since you can read whatever you want on the internet anyway.

Also these "reality" type shows have unrealistic looking women as well. No wonder REAL women have identity problems. It was hard for me to be who I am and stop trying to be a mirror image of something from a photo. Now I do what I want, don't fit any kind of magazine look and am much happier for it.

Crazy how society does not do this to men at the same level that they push this crap on women!! :-D

Susan Vento said...

Hi Dharma,

I have a quick question regarding your blog. If you could send me an email when you get a chance, I would greatly appreciate it!