Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend!!

My mom just said to me, "You play, you pay"! My ass got kicked! Three nights out in a row, and working, was just too much for me. Glad I took today off because I need to get my head together, rest and try and catch up.

Thursday night the Corkscrew Girls met at Riverside, an awesome wine & cheese establishment, right on the river. They have a lovely patio that juts over the river and often trains will run by. Two bottles of wine, cheese and pasta salad meant I got home around 11 and had to work early the next morning.

Friday my oldest and best friend from high school showed up and I took him back to Riverside! He came in from New York to see his family and I could not miss an opportunity to get together with him, so....another late night! I didn't get home until one in the morning and had to get up at six! Saturday morning required a stop at the drug store for a few bottles of Five Hour Energy!! Simply espresso was not going to do the trick all by itself.

Saturday had been set quite some time back and I had taken Sunday off as a precaution as I knew it would be a very late night with huge hangover potential. Luckily there was no wicked hangover, but I was tired as hell. Three nights of late activities has really taken its toll. I actually took a two hour nap this afternoon. Gone are the long weekends of partying. Long gone!

Saturday nights party was not only huge, but awesome. The host had a fireworks show that will rival many a city. They were spectacular! He has a landscaping business and saves all the brush he deals with and has a bonfire that is several stories high. he also has a tattoo artist there and so I got some additional work added to my arm skull. Now it looks like a "piece" rather than just a random stamp.

There were three live bands and hundreds danced in to the wee hours! My feet were filthy from dancing in flip flops. Did I mention that this guy also has a peacock? Seriously...he has some chickens too and I think a rooster.

Today I have spent the day chilling, doing misc. crap and recuperating. It was so worth it, but a huge price to pay!!

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3HourTour said...

Hi, Dharma :)
WoWzer! What a weekend, huh? I agree, the additional work to your tattoo does make it stand out more. Fun before wonderful, now.

Why do I not ever get invited to such fun parties?
What a great weekend :)