Friday, June 26, 2009

God, Country & Caffeine Addiction

Looks like the south is loosing their standing with God as another staunch, southern, God - lovin' politician falls into the slimy, sex/love affair abyss.

A man having an affair would not really be that much of a big deal if his party and the religious conservatives didn't make such a deal out of the south and their "God fearing values" and all. They always stand on the party of, and with, family values and yet you have these politicians that seem to shun and disagree with their own party values. I am totally aware that it is common to both sides, but these guys are the ones who continue to claim such a close connection with their Lord and yet also continue to disregard said Lords pronouncements!

"Belcher says he has not conducted national polls since last year's election. "But at this point, when it comes to values, the Republican brand has deteriorated more, and their hopes of making gains in the coming midterms has to be dramatically undermined," he says. "My guess is that we've now gone from a tossup on values with the Republicans to [Democrats] having at least a 4- or 5-point advantage."

Sanford, who was considered a potential 2012 White House contender, has long been a darling of "pro-family" religious conservatives. In the 2008 election, Christian right activists who were unenthusiastic about the Republican presidential field tried unsuccessfully to draft him as a presidential candidate."

I think that this party needs to totally give up on the family values angle and look for other ways to capture their peoples interests. If the south is still yearning for the days of Andy and Aunt Bea in Mayberry then maybe they need to look at a calendar and realize that in 2009 those ideals are long gone!! Even the party of family values no longer values their long touted values.

By the way, if this is another lambasted political wife, who "stands by her man" I will personally drive down there and bitch slap her!!

My life has just taken a turn towards amazing! Looks like I have had the right idea all along, and job too!! Seems that coffee is now not only good for you, but GREAT!!

Finally, a time when I have been ahead of the curve and the crowd! I have been working hard at warding off diabetes, Parkinson's and liver cancer. I knew at some point in life I was going to be doing something right. Hell, the antioxidants and fiber are just a lovely extra that come with my 6 to 8 shots of espresso a shift. Maybe now, instead of worrying about that extra serving of vegetables a day I can have another tall non-fat latte!!

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