Monday, June 08, 2009

Doggie Tales

When we took our cruise, in 2004, we had two dogs and decided to kennel them for the week. Knowing what a burden it can be to ask people to make several trips to your house during the day and on weekends. Not to mention that people really do not care to spend as much time throwing tennis balls and talking to your dogs like you do. There is also the pain of taking time out of your day/routine/plans to take care of the dogs. So..... having said all of that..... John and I said that....well, I should say that I said that John & I would watch our friends three dogs for four days while they were out of town.

They asked if we would, I know the cost for three dogs would have been a good amount, so I said that we would. I know the hassles of kenneling, BUT...I also know the hassle of these three dogs! The oldest two are brothers and about six year old Labs, the puppy is only 6 months old and a Lab mix as well. They ARE a rowdy bunch of dogs. One of the older dogs takes hip medication and that will come in to play very shortly.

They called and said that they had decided that the puppy could remain out int he house during the day, but that he would get in his kennel at night. So, the first day that we arrive we got quite a surprise. The puppy had either totally eaten, half eaten or chewed up the following, and mind you this is a list of the stuff we found; a whole jar of peanuts, half clove of garlic, a bottle of fish food, a giant box of gum, the older dogs arthritis meds, a box of tea bags, and an asthma inhaler. His kennel was full of peanut poop piles and also other places in the room. Gotta love that!

Luckily I still carry latex gloves in my purse, from the EMS days until my credentials expire in 2010, and I had something to wear while cleaning up! We got them outside and made the call so they could get some more pills from the vet. Had them out for hours that day hoping he would get anything else out of his system.

Not so lucky. When I came back later in the evening I went right in the door and promptly slid through a nice wet pile of puppy vomit at the inside of the back door. Not having any gloves this time I had to use copious quantities of paper towel to clean up that mess. After they had also all ran through it on their way to the back yard. Good dogs!

Once through with that event he seemed to settle down as did the other dogs and the rest of the weekend went by without a glitch. We took over a bottle of wine and sat around their pool for several hours enjoying the sun, their neighbors and also friends of ours, came over with beer and we sat until dark. We have now decided that we want their house to be our summer time share and will let them know when would like them to go out of town again so we can use the place!! Although I will be sure to pack more latex gloves in my purse!!

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