Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drug Induced Stupor

Nothing like an unknown ache & pain, a few Vicodin and some wine to really make for a swell weekend!! Boy, do I know how to party like a rock star!!

It was a sharp pain, Friday night, that woke me from a dead sleep. Sharp pain in my left shin area just below the knee. I finally got back to sleep. Saturday night the same thing. I just could not get comfortable in the bed and more difficulty getting back to sleep. Went to work Sunday morning and it was not until I had done some kneeling, at work, that I came home at the pain and become intense. I also noticed while I was sitting, at the desk and doing the banking, at work that it actually was like a burning sensation. I had more comfort standing as a did it. It also was very uncomfortable to sit and drive, although I did not have a standing option there.

When I got home, Sunday afternoon, I tried to ice, but the pain and tearing/burning sensation was just too severe, so John took me to the med center. They took x-rays and gave me a knee brace. They also took blood to check for gout. So, that is where I am now. Waiting to hear about the results. As I sit here it is still burning/hurting. The Vicodin takes the edge off at night, but I can't take that and expect to work!! Not if people want their $5.00 latte to be what they asked for!!

At home though is another story! Last night it was wine and Vicodin and re-runs of NCIS. Iced off and on, but nothing seems to really help. They also gave me some steroids for inflammation, but I would have thought by now that if there was inflammation that they would have helped. I can walk fine, but it is the sitting and kneeling that are painful. It just feels like the meat is tearing away from the bone. How fun does that sound!! Sure makes the wine and Vicodin sound inviting doesn't it.

It just sucks when shit starts to happen to your body parts that are out of your control and it is not anything that can be deduced quickly. Things that require multiple tests suck! I am just wondering if I did not get a small stress fracture when I tried to run last Thursday, on my day off, and now I am feeling it. There you have it folks....another example of how healthy pursuits are dangerous!!

As for the Max update................he moved back home after two days in a bachelor pad with four guys, all 18, who are on their own for the first time. We all have talked and hopefully it is moving in a better direction for all of us!!

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