Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Date Night

The furor over the Presidents "date night" just is not affecting me. Honestly, I could care less! I don't ever watch the news, but am still annoyed that it is all over the internet news as well. I guess for some it is news, since they hate him so much, but for me....I have to admit that if it were John and I in the White House and I had the ability to do so...I most certainly would!!

No matter who you are and what your job might be there are just times when you need to go out and have some time with the person you are with. You spend a little more than you would like, but the rewards to your relationship are unmeasurable! I know that the taxpayers and Repubs are raising hell over the Obama's trip to New York, but I could care less. More power to them I say! If he promised, he promised. Good for him for the follow through. I wish I had the money, or John had the ability, to follow through on all of his.our promised activities.

The media needs to concentrate on things that are far more news worthy.

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