Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Pretenders

It seems as if there is much activity going on with "pretenders" these days. Whether it be in the political arena or rock and roll. Like many of you I too was outraged when Dick Cheney decided that he was the holder of 2 distinct jobs and both of them were of the type that left him in the position of not having to talk about anything! I must admit that this White House has been the most talented at pulling rabbits out of hats. I do not think that I have ever seen a group that has been more creative in the ways they have crapped on the Constitution or the American people. I shake my head daily and after the Scooter Libby episode I even gave up all news for a few days in disgust.

Lloyd Garver is often a contributor to CBS News and today he an excellent article on Dick Cheney and his "second job". He compares him to a superhero, Senate Boy who turns in to Veep Man. It is funny and sadly, very true. You really should check it out.

Then we move on to a local gal. Chrissie Hynde, of the Pretenders, who's brother lives just a few blocks from my house. I have to say, that yes, I have even partied at his home. My little brush with famous. She is opening a very fancy vegetarian restaurant near here. She will be giving a free concert and party at the opening. They are also trying to get Devo as well. There have been much larger stories in the local papers. I will go and try the food while the hubby is out of the country since a vegetarian place has no draw for him. Meat all the way for my guy. I made a very lovely homemade vegetable lasagna once and he said it would be really good with a nice side of meat!!

So, I guess one article is about a "meathead" and the other is "meat less".


Anonymous said...

Senate Boy turns to Veep Man. Priceless.


The Drew said...

Yummy.I can't wait.I hear that The Black Keys maybe there as well.I like veggie food.There used to be a place in the town next to mine that had a dish called,'The staff of Life'.I loved it.And there was a place caled'Big Bite' that had a veggie gyro.Rock and wheat rolls yum:-)