Sunday, July 15, 2007

Being a Good Samaritan

The thing about having this knowledge, EMS, is that if you see a need then you should respond, but if you do you must stay with the person/persons until other help arrives. It is not something that I would do if I am out for a night of drinking, but if I am at the grocery store or driving down the road or maybe even at the vet.

Yesterday we were sitting and waiting our turn, with Casey, at the vet's office. I heard one of the assistants say that there was a lady laying in the parking lot. I ran out to my trunk to grab my pack and got my gloves on and ran out to her. As I was approaching I could see that she was lying on her side in the road. The vet's office shares a side road with a McDonald's. There was a rather burly man leaning over her. There was a car parked a few feet further up with opened doors. I said,"Sir, please do not move her". Then he said, in a very unfriendly tone,"Who the fu*# are you?"

"I am an EMT and I would like to make sure that this lady is not injured." He then began to berate her about jumping out of the car and look at what she has done. At this point there were also 2 assistants behind me from the vet's office and they indicated that they had called an EMS unit. He got very angry,"Who do you think is going to pay for this?' He seemed to be very much a bully. I got a close look at this lady and she did not have any visible injuries, but she was crying and just kept saying that she was"she was just so tired".

As you could hear the approaching sirens he helped her up and into their car, we got the plate number and make, and they left. I told the nurses that they should call the local police and give them the plate number. I hope they did. I returned to wait with my dog.I believe that they have a domestic situation and she may have been bruised from the jump and that guy probably is an abuser. He was rather hulking and liked to intimidate. Asshole.

Earlier that day, during my break at the coffee mega giant, one of our regular customers was feeling very poorly and indicated that he was a diabetic and should probably check his sugar. I said yes, that would be a good idea and if it is too low we may have to get a squad. We checked and it was too low. I quickly got his a small cup of our straight sugar syrup that we use to sweeten the iced coffee. It is the closet thing we have to the oral glucose that we carry on the squads. I had him drink it straight down and within a few minutes another check of his sugar and it was back up in to a safe range and then he ate some cheese crackers. Diabetics have to be very careful and this is a younger guy and only been diagnosed for 6months so he is still learning too.

This is one of the reasons that I took this job. A service to humanity. I don't write about it today for praise or accolades, but just to share with you as friends. I am thrilled that I have these skill sets that I can use to provide a service and help to my fellowman. This is what good people are all about. It is such an awesome feeling to know what you are doing and to know that you are able to make a difference in the life of another human being. It is very gratifying. I know now that I chose wisely and this is the path that I was meant to follow. I often questioned myself, but now I know.


The Drew said...

Hi,Dharma...WoW!You are a real hero.You may not seeyourself as one,but I truely believe that you are.You should be very proud in the direction your life has taken...loving ,caring and always,I am amazed my you,and consider myself lucky to be able to call you my friend.

The Drew said...

Just got back from church...believe it not,today all they talked about was the lesson of The Good Samaritan...what are the chances of that?

Dharma said...

What was that lesson?

Anonymous said...

You definitely picked the right field to get into! I'm so happy for you AND proud of you. Stories like these are very interesting to me.

I hope the asshole decides to make a change in his life, and I hope the woman decides to get the hell away from him.


The Drew said...

The lesson was given by our assistant minister,Gene Marine.He read the passage of the Good Samaritan from the Bible and then stated that the person who was the neighbor in the story was the person was most hated by the Isrealites,a Samaritan.(Jesus has said to live by the two most basic rules,'Love God' and ;Love your neighbor'.A lawyer then asked ,'who is my neighbor?')Gene noted that the importance of this lesson was that the person that was the neighbor was one who was considered the 'enemy' before the story.That Christ was saying that we must love our enemies...not just be tolerant of them,but love them.

before he spoke a youth minister invited the small children to come to the front of the church,and asked them who their neighbors were.It was all very profound to me.

What I got from the lesson is that we should not only not pre-judge people but that would should not just tolerate people different then us,but to actually love them.

I thought of two things.First of the words of the prophet Andrea 3000,"I am your neighbor" and second,that you-Dharma-are my neighbor