Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Running with Scissors

This weekend my mom was over and I had a Netflix film lying around, Running with Scissors. the film version of Agusten Burroughs memoir of the same name. It was OUTSTANDING! Not the kind of film that my mom tolerated very well, too dark for her, but I loved every odd moment of it. The performances were wonderful. I don't remember if Annette Benning won an award for this movie, but I know she should have. Aside from her work in American Beauty I do not think that she has ever been better. She was so wonderful in her portrayal of this crazed woman. All of the characters are odd. They always say that truth is stranger than fiction.

Then it made me want to know more about this young man, so I looked him up on the Internet and found his home page and blog, both of which I am going to link here because he is a good writer and I like what I have read in his blog so far. He talks about having an older brother who suffers from Ashbergers syndrome who is going to have his own book published soon. To access his blog you have to go to the homepage first.

If any of you like the occasional odd film then I suggest that you give this one a try. Not a cutsie date type film, or really a family film, but rather one that you don't mind laughing at the inappropriate moment with other like minded folk!


Anonymous said...

Tried e-mailing you -- it came back.

I think I would like this movie.


The Drew said...

Another good movie I probly never get a chance to see.

Dharma said...


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