Thursday, August 02, 2007

From France to Oostburg...... and DOA.

Last Sunday John returned from France after 35 days. He was as happy to be home as we were to havehim here. I have been cooking and grilling out ever since. He was very ready for some good 'ol American cuisine. Burgers and brats and corn on the cob drippingin butter.

The weather here was so much warmer than it had been there that we had to immediately turn on the A.C. Fine with me as well. Adding to our burger and salad delite has been the delicious vegetables outof my garden. A garden that was just a small patch when he left and has now become a full fledged jungle! Nothing quite like a large warm garden tomato.

Now, after only a week, he is leaving again on Monday. This time for Oostburg, Wisconsin. Into M
ixter country. Where is that in relation to you Mixter? Also Esteban land. How about where you reside Esteban? He will be there for 3 to 4 weeks and then right on to Oregon.

This Wednesday I had my first DOA. A person that was not much younger than me. They had not been too well and had moved back into their parents home. They were found deceased in the AM by their parents. We were called to verify. It was strange.

It did not bother me and still does not, but it makes me think. There were those who thought that I should be having night mares about this experience. Does it make me abnormal because I am not? I wanted to keep looking. I wanted to learn more about the process. Maybe I should go to medicalschool. I did not see them as anyone,but as a subject to study. I wonder if it would have been different if it was a child and not someone so close to my own age. It felt strange to be there at the beginning of this families grief. We left once the police began their photographing and the coroner does the rest.

This really is a lame post because I still can not verbalize exactly what I think about the entire episode.


Esteban said...

I live about a half hour or so southwest of there. Menomonee Falls.

The Drew said...

The first dead person I ever saw was my grandmother.She was staying at ourr house when she passed on.She was suffering from cancer and I saw her just after she died.The body relaxed seemed finally at peace.The soul(or was it just me)felt relieved that the suffering was over.I have not been afraid of death since then.I think you handled yourself very professionally.

I bet it good to have your hubby home if only for a little while.

Your post was far from fact,thank you for sharing your life so intimately.Great writing.

Anonymous said...

There were those who thought that I should be having night mares about this experience.

Not sure why. It's part of the job, right?

Anonymous said...

Not close to Ootstburg, although I LOVE the name of that town!

You are a trained medical professional. There's really no reason a DOA should bother you. I'll have to post about my "dead guy" experience some day.