Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Star of Life

This symbol is called the Star of Life. You will see it on almost all ambulances. It is on my uniform. It is on both of my certification cards. Each of those points are the care that I have chosen to provide for the sick, injured and critically ill. When I arrive at a call I have no idea what I am walking in to, but I have sworn to provide service and to carry out my service in all areas to the best of my ability.

There has been much argument recently that doctors should be able to withhold services based upon their religious views. So under the same umbrella should all emergency personnel. Firemen should be able to decide that they can not run into a burning crack house because they believe that drugs are evil. They should be able to allow women to burn to death because prostitution is a sin. Paramedics should be able to walk away from a severe car accident because the driver was intoxicated, and although their guts are hanging out they feel that they can not save them because they do not believe in alcohol in their church.

How far are we willing to let this argument go before it gets to this extreme? As for me, I will continue to save all lives no matter what my views are. I would respect those of the patient and no matter what I might think of them, in a worldly sense, I will provide them all the care that I am capable to give.

That should be the "christian" way. It is the right thing to do.

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The Drew said...

Aaah...but what if your view is that giving the 'morning after pill' is taking a life?How as a doctor/pharmacist do you go forward with care?

I am not saying that I am not all for the best bravest care possible no matter who the injured is or the injured does.I am proud of you and everyone else in your profession and of course hope that if I-or anyone else- am in need of your help you would help me no matter what to the best of your ablity.As I hope I would do for you.

And I am personally for the morning after pill and though somwwhat wishy-washing on the subject,pro-choice.

But do i want a doctor or pharmacist to give me legal medicine even though they know it is not best for me?Do I want them to push upon me a pill that may not have been properly tested because they get a kick back for selling it?Do I want an over priced needless pill?

No,of course not.

Though there there maybe doctors that do these things,I count on my doctor/pharmacist to use his best judgement in my care.

Though I see your point-I swear that I do-I would rather place my care in someone that would not go against his or her conscience.

Like you said,I would rather have you giving me mouth to mouth and pounding on my chest until the very end,then to have you saying,"Screw 'em,he doesn't have a chance anyway."

I guess I would just rather have someone say no to me then give me something they do not feel comfortable-conscience wise-giving me.

If I needed it badly enough I would elsewhere to get it.