Monday, October 09, 2006

Dummies, Druggies & Petty Criminals Welcome

It seems that you don't have to graduate from high school to join the military. You can also be a drug user or petty crook. Don't believe it? Then check out this article at CBS NEWS. Heaven forbid you should be........... GAY!!! You can be of diminished mental capacity, but gay is just pushing the limits. Since 1994 the cost of removing, replacing and retraining has cost nearly 200 million. How can this be seen as worthwhile?

A few nights ago the Daily Show had a segment where they interviewed a young man, who happened to be gay and had been discharged, he had been an Arabic translator, but they decided that his sexuality would interfere with his ability to do his job. Hmmmm interesting. The point that they made was this; how did/or do his private thoughts etc. keep him from translating? This kinda fella obviously was not just some dope who they taught to read Arabic. He had to have some smarts and abilities. Then after all his training and years of service they find out he is gay and just give him the boot. ( No pun intended!)
I mean, how many guys are interested or able to be translators? Arabic does not seem like a second language that one just "picks up". I think it must be difficult. There goes money down the drain.

I can not say that I ever agreed with the " Don't ask, don't tell" rule. I always thought that there should have been something else. This is the time for that change.

When we begin to excuse, or give waivers, for everything else it seems as if they are lowering the standards and this is where you get the kind of people who might or may be unstable that have committed some of the more heinous crimes against the civilians over there in Iraq. You know the ones I mean. The ones that have slipped through the psych evaluations etc.

We all know that the recruiters prey upon the poorer parts of society as they know that the selling points about paying for your education and all the benefits are going to grab the attention of those families that might have no other way to pay for a higher education. Many see it as their only way to possibly go to college. Hell, if I wanted to go to college now I would probably see it as an entertaining idea.

I have no objections to those who willing wish to enter the U.S. military. A very good friend has a 21 year old son in Iraq right now. I totally support him. It's the war I object to. You know, "It's the war stupid". So if there are people, who happen to be gay, that wish to enter military service then I applaud their desire to serve and do not see why they should be any different than anyone else the recruiters are after.


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

A navy recruiter called our house last week asking for one of my sons(the highschool has to supply a name list).I nearly dropped dead.I,for once,had nothing to say,so,like I do for all telemarketers that call here,I hung up on him.
I am not sure allowing young gay men into the military would boost the military's numbers or not...but I am sure there is a senator Foley joke here somewhere..i just can't find it

Esteban said...

Expect more of those Drew. The army recruiter guy was after me until well after I was in college. I think he called once even after I graduated.

Mixter said...

You can opt out of the whole thing. I sent a form to Mary's high school telling them I do not want recruiters calling or mailing anything. We have not heard from them once. E-mail me if you want more info on opting out.

mixter_64 [at] yahoo [dot] com