Friday, October 13, 2006

Questions & Ponderings

Today we are going to explore several topics. This is due to the fact that I couldn't get on yesterday to post and I read another blog today that also inspired me.

Yesterday USA Today had an interesting poll in the Life section. They were taking a poll that asked the question, "Who do you think was the most influential person of all time?" The choices they had were very odd. I expected to see names like Jesus Christ, Ghandi etc. They had Santa Claus at the top of the list. Now, today I can not get back to that page to list some of the other crazy choices, but I leave it up to you. What requirements would one have to have to make the list of influential people of all time? Do you make it a personal list, like my 6th grade teacher, or do you think worldly like Ghandi? Do we think technologically and say, Bill Gates? What criteria do we use? Whatever it might be I can not see Santa Claus on that list.

I have not given it much thought yet. I am not sure if I would pick someone that has been influential in my life or someone that has influenced the world. On the one had Jesus Christ has been a major world influence, aside from all the changes that may have been made to original texts etc., but I am not sure that he would be the ultimate choice or answer for me or everyone across the board. Every part of the world would have different motivational leaders that they would also choose.

Would your choice be a fictional character like Atticus Finch? Would it be someone like Morrie from Tuesdays with Morrie? That man said many thoughtful and insightfull things that I considered to of great worth. Johnathon Livingston Seagull was a life changing book for many.

Would it be an inventor? Thomas Edison maybe. Eli Whitney.

I am not sure who my choice would be or if I could even limit it to one. Can there be only one "most influential person"? Where would your list begin?

Then, this morning, as I was reading Rachels Blog I found some more food for thought. She first talked about having writers block and the feeling that every post needs to be profound and have something to say. I know what she means. There are days that I feel like my writing is meaningless and just fluff, kinda like today, and that if I am not waxing political it is just a waste. But she has helped me to realize that even this serves a purpose. Whether it be for myself or someone else's need that day, it does serve some purpose. It just can't be high brow every day. Some days it just needs to be theraputic for the writer. Look at Mixter and Esteban. Even they had recent writings that were of a personal and humorous nature. Every day does not have to be the kind of day where you must feel that you made an impact in some major way. While reading Rachels blog I got more out of it than she probably thought anyone would. Her thoughts about "what you see is what you get" and "hiding out" were especially thought provoking for me.

At a time when my life is changing in such quick and profound ways I find myself wishing that I could try harder to be the "real" me and not the person that I want the world to see. I think today I am going to try and come out of hiding.


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

Hi,Dharma,I am not sure I know what you mean about hiding out and coming out.You never seem like you are hiding out to me.

I guess when all do our own fair share of hiding though.I know I do.Even if it is not showing the guests the dirty upstairs,or basement,when they come over.

Santa,Huh?Now,that is a trip.I wonder how big of a range of people were asked that question.A small or world wide one?I can very well see people in China giving that answer.

Santa,I have always somewhat believed,is the default Jesus.Neither Catholic or Protestant,yet caring loving and magical.When we are(too young)unable to see how Christ can be with us,or to have died for us,the magic and mystery of Santa teaches us to believe in what we can't see and then in the end there is a reward for this blind faith....even non-Christians get this.

As for writing about fluff...if you ever read my blog,you know from my writings that I like fluff.As Sean Connery somewhat said in 'Finding Forrester',"That's for dessert.:-)"

Esteban said...

Hitler, although indirectly, may be one of the most influential. I say indirectly because outside of the Nazi movement, he didn't really influence that many people. But he did start WWII and that shook up the whole world. It changed peoples attitudes on government, war, politics, and religion. The cold war, the space race, international relations, all would have been drastically different without him.

Anyways, I stumble across a blog you might like Dharma.

Its basically the stories of an employee of the coffee mega giant.

Dharma said...

Hiding out, I believe, is not letting people know the real you. Playing parts. Oh yes, I have and sometimes still do that. It is a daily project to try and NOT do that. This is why I am always looking for inspiration and things of that nature to keep me on track.

Dharma said...

Thanks Esteban, I'll check that out this weekend. Also, your person is an impressive one. There are just so many angles to look at that question and have many, many answers. By the way I remembered that USA Today also had Superman on that list.

Mixter said...

Are you saying that I'm not high brow? Harumph!

Blogging, for me anyway, is just a form of personal expression. Mostly I write on social and political matters, but I also like to let people on the internets know that I've got a life that I think is kinda fun. I'm very fortunate to be in the position I'm in.

Most influential person? Tough one. Top of my head thought here... Einstein. Maybe if I gave it more thought, I would choose someone else. But the contributions he made to science and the world in general make me think that he was pretty darned influential.