Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lists, Lists and More Lists

Just when you thought that there just couldn't be another list!! USA Today has an article about a new book, 101 Most Influential People.

The people they speak of in the book, written by Alan Lazar, Dan Karlan, Jeremy Salter, are people that exist only in imagination. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was # 44, Batman was # 60. G.I. Joe was #48 and Barbie was # 43. You get the idea. I can't tell you who was number one. It might be a surprise and I can't say that I would make the same choice. You must chesck it out for yourself and let me know. Myself, I would have to choose Bugs Bunny. He was WAY ahead of his time and the rest of the cartoon world. he was dressing in drag long before it was common place and see an funny. He could sing and dance. He had it all.

Who makes your number one?


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

I remember having this conversation at work with a fellow warehouse worker.I told him my favorite fictional character was Scrooge...because Scrooge had the character to change and didn't care.I asked him who his favorite fictional character was...he said Jesus.Even as a Christian,I had to laugh.

Dharma said...

Until I took History Of Civilization, at KSU, I did not realize that there were actually people, young people that did not realize that Jesus was an actual person that lived historically. I was surprised.

Anonymous said...

I like your Bugs Bunny choice. I'll go with that, for the reasons you mentioned!