Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Happy Cup

Picked up this little gem, at the coffee mega giant ,yesterday after work. A nice discount is also one of the great perks of working there. Hey, I said perks..... coffee, perks....get it? Anyway, it just made me laugh out loud and I thought that I would like to see it with my morning coffee every day, or nearly every day. There are a few in the series and I may even get all of them. Look for future updates. I think I am going to call him Mike after Mike in Monsters Inc.


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

HA!Very fun cup:-)Loved your perks joke:-)

Anonymous said...

Perks. Heh.


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

Your Mike cup looks nice in your kitchen:-)