Monday, October 30, 2006

Bored With Chardonnay?

I did not intend to be a wine blog, nor do I intend to be "winey", as I might at times come across :-) , but it just happened that as I continued to read the news at MSNBC they had an article about Pinto Grigio becoming the "new" chardonnay. I had become quite bored with chardonnay and that is one reason why I have shifted to the reds. Also since the weather has gotten cooler. This article is a good one for those of you who like the white wines, but have never branched out. I have enjoyed a good Pinot Grigio throughout the summer as they are especially good on very hot days as they are much lighter than chardonnays. But just like the rules of red meat and pasta the new rule of thumb is try what you want when you want. There are really no rules, make it personal and make it your own.

Estancia is also a decent wine. That is the label that they are talking about in the MSNBC article. I have had that label many times and many menus will carry that variety due to the nice cost.



Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

The wine sounds yummy.I will have to try to try some.

Mixter said...

I don't know a damn thing about wine! I never have been much of a wine drinker; in fact, I rarely drink at all.

Now back when I was 18? Different story!