Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shaun of the Dead & a Nice Red Wine

Spent the evening watching one of my Fav scary movies, because it is also hilarious English humor, and having a nice Australian Cab/Merlot blend by Alice White. Accompanying that nice wine were some semi-hot wings and nice gooey cheesey bread. Crazy movie, crazy menu and well, the weather was right along with the food & wine. It was crazy cold here and the wind was OUT OF CONTROL!! We alternated between thunder and lightening with turbulent hail pellets. It was insane for October. So, all in all a very good night for wine and comfort food and a good dose of scary English fun!! That movie makes me scream and laugh both.

Did talk to SO on the phone from Oman this weekend as well. Now that he has called twice I am sure that I am monitored. Oh and if the calls were not enough, he had the guy from the office, in Oman, send me a few e-mail photos from SO's camera. There you go, receiving e-mail from "THEM" now makes it okay to monitor all my traffic etc. So, I am probably getting you all on "THE LIST".

They are treating him like a king and I told him that that would not happen back home so get over that on the flight back!! He has a driver and they take him out for food and don't let him spend any money. Finally one of the more high up guys, at the job site, asked something like,".... don't we all love our George W. Bush over there?" SO said something like, "Are you kidding? Most people think he is an @#$@#$# and hate this &*^% war!" SO was surprised to find that they were under the impression that most people here are supporting this. Interesting. I was at least happy that he got to put out a little word that that is not the case. He also has watched some TV in his hotel, and even though it is not in English, he has seen more REAL coverage of the war than he has EVER seen on TV back here.

Before he leaves they have promised to take him out for a camel ride.

Finally got some REALLY GOOD sleep last night. Could that have anything to do with the vino? Hmmmm? With the time change it was a nice late sleep. The sun is shining here in Ohio and it looks to be a beautiful fall day. I have a huge test to study for and coffee to drink. I also will get to the Peace Vigil tonight.

All in all nice & rested and a good way to begin another week. Looking forward to a little R&R during that week of Christmas break.

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