Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snow on Foley

I wasn't even going to get into this today. I have anatomy to study, although it seems Sen. Foley had similar thoughts, and work at 2:00. I was just going to get busy, but thought I would watch last nights episode of the Daily Show and that brought me to throwing my hat in the ring.

Watching the CNN snippet, from Tony Snows comments, it seems that he, or those that he speaks for want to really trivialize this entire scenario. He actually called them,"naughty e-mails." He said that there have been worse episodes in Washington than a few naughty e-mails. When my dog soils the rug, that is naughty. When you send sexually framed e-mail that is a bit above naughty. Especially when you are a grown-up and they are a child. Would anyone tolerate their 16 year old daughter receiving those e-mails? Would Mr. Snow like to have his teen get e-mail that"naughty"?

That really, really pisses me off.


Mixter said...

Snow's a jerk. And, it's getting much, much worse than naughty e-mails. Yikes.


Dharma said...

What are they thinking in D.C.? What kind of people are these?