Thursday, November 16, 2006

Immunizations, Test Scores, Assessments & Then Some

Found out, last night at orientation, that if you cannot locate your records and you were born after 1957 you have to go get the MMR immunization and a TB test. So, in order to schedule my clinical time, at the hospital, I have to get to the health dept. and get immunized. Another glitch in the matrix. Just something else to take up time and a few bucks!! No way out of it though. Just got my flu shot. I am going to feel like a pin cushion!

After the 1 1/2 hour orientation we had to go over to the school and take our two tests. 109 questions in all. I was VERY nervous. I almost felt that I had "over studied". Any of you familiar with that feeling? Like you just studied too much. I was afraid that I had forgot everything. Not to mention that I was very tired. I had had 5 shots of espresso in a beverage, at coffee mega giant, before going to the hospital. Towards the end of these tests I was getting so muddled and just felt that I had totally F'd up. Got a 94% on airways and a 93% on Cardiac care & AED. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even enough exclamation points can tell you how amazed and relieved I was. I also received my certification, from American Heart Assoc., for Healthcare Provider. Good until 2008. Excellent night all around.

Although our chunks of time at the hospital have to be 4 hours and we also have to do a total of 6 patient assessments during that time. One has to be pediatric. A little more than I had anticipated. I thought we would just be doing vital signs and watching. Okay, this should be fun in addition to my coffee work time. We'll see. Looking forward to the time off for Thanksgiving holiday. No class on the 22nd or 25th.

I'm actually going to try and find a book today, "Finding the Deep River Within" by Abby Seixas. Saw the end of her interview on some show and thought I might like to read it. Another of those books for overwrought, over worked women. Not enough time for self as we are always busy etc. Although I am not sure that I have time to go buy it, let alone read it!! HA!

I am also on worry watch as my Beagle may be on his last leg. I have thought this before as Burt is old. A pound pup. He is somewhere in his teens. Old fella. Has lots of problems, but these past 2 days he has not been well. I did not sleep much last night. between thinking about the hospital and the dog. I have to wrok at the coffee place today, not until 5, and so I may try to nap in there. Somewhere in between errands and laundry and cleaning and............

What was that book I was thinking about getting?


Abby Seixas said...

Greetings, Dharma...
Your blog came up on the 'google alert' for my book title. I am the author of the book you mentioned, "Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman's Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life." You probably saw me on the Today Show....I just wanted to say: 1.)I love the name of your blog--the word "kaizen" is new to me--terrific!
and 2.)I hope you do manage to find time to get the book and to read it, and that you find it useful...
Warm regards,
Abby Seixas

Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...
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Dharma said...

Abby, I am so excited that you commented!! That was the show that I saw you on and I am excited indeed to get your book. If I can find it at a local bookstore today I am going to drive out and pick it up. I will let you know about any future prgress!! Thanks for your commenting again.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the exams! I knew you would do it!

I always feel like a pin cushion, because I tend to have to have bloodwork done several times a year. My record for tubes in one lab visit is 12! They only took 4 yesterday, AND they offered me juice, so it was a banner day!

I'm sorry about your poochie. My dog Scottie died a little over two years ago, and I still miss him. Even with the two dogs, three cats and bird residing at my house!

I could probably use Abby's book, too! However, it will have to be after I graduate in early '08, because I plan to be very busy until then!