Friday, November 10, 2006

The Junk Drawer

Wow! It has been 8 days since I last sat down and put any thoughts out in the cyber-blog world. Yes, I have been very tired and working WAY too much and drinking WAY too much coffee. I was feeling like crap physically. Eating too much processed sugar, at work, along with the coffee. I was a zombie!! So I went to the health food store, where I usually get my vitamins and herbs and decided to find something that might help with the fatigue, cut out the white flour foods and cut back subsatntially on the coffee and added water and also tea back in to the equation. I have felt much better for the past few days

I also got someone to pick up a few of my shifts at the coffee mega giant and so I have the next 5 days off. I will still have school, but no work and that will make for a nice 5 days. I have a very important test on Saturday over airways that has a huge amount of info and then on Monday night a big 109 question test over the last several chapters. We are also meeting at the hospital, on Monday, to get the info on how to begin scheduling our hours in the ER etc. I also have to go out and try to find appropriate black shoes and pants for the ER.

I was sitting at the coffee mega giant, doing what else but having coffee before my scheduled shift, and reading the paper when someone noticed the political button on my lapel and said to me,"Well, you must be happy today". I did not know them, but I said, "Why yes, I am." I was and am very happy with the election results, now I just hope that people will begin to make some positive change, especially here in Ohio. The people have spoken in Ohio and like Ted Strickland said, "It's time for change!" Jon Stewart did a great bit on the breakup of Britney and Kevin Federline and GW and Rumsfeld.

I really feel out of the loop. I have been reading a great deal of news, but have just not had the time or energy to post about anything. I hope to remedy that this weekend. Even though my mom is coming up to spend the weekend, and I will need to take her out to a movie. It will also, more than likely, be something that she wnats to see, which is fine, but not necessarily what I might like to see. This is what we do with moms. I have a feeling that it will be Russell Crowe's new movie.

I am also giving some advance thoughts to my birthday in January. I have been looking at packages to New York to see a Broadway show & hotel. I have a best friend from high school who has lived there for many, many years and we could do stuff as well. very pricey though, so I am not sure if that will pan out,, but I am so un-anamored with my friends right now I do not even want to spend any time with them. That is another story for another time.

I also got a new tattoo yesterday. Left ankle area. Yin-Yang symbol with the Chinese characters that literally are talking about harmony, but translate to something about the person on the path that is staright and plum, with a true heart. All in accoprdance with my Tai-Chi practice and desire to make my life more harmonious. A life goal, but one that I do not believe that many achieve.

Well, I have now emptied out a bit of the junk drawer. A little of this and a little of that. It is still full of other crap, but alas.... that is for another day.


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

Sounds like allot of adventure.Are you going topost any photos of the new tattoo?

Dharma said...

Maybe when SO brings the camera back from Oman!! He is returning this weekend so I may have a chance then.

Mixter said...

You've been busy!

I would love to visit New York something. Kinda spendy, though!

I would also love to get a tattoo, but I don't know what I would want. Maybe some day I'll decide what I want.