Monday, November 20, 2006

Junk Drawer II

It seems that there are a few things to pull out of the junk drawer today.

Options in Iraq. Seems that the Pentagon has brought out the football jargon to name their strategies. We have, for your listening pleasure, "Bo Big", "Go Long", "Go Home". I guess that last one could be more suitably linked to baseball. Anyway, the Washington Post had the article posted on MSNBC. Even though I hate this war and I am very opposed to the entire situation I have to admit, based on what I am reading, that the idea of a total mass pull-out might be leaving an even bigger mess behind. As someone with a draftable age son, in 2 years, I hate the idea of a long drawn out war and the possibility of all that mess. The "Go Long" plan is what they are calling a hybrid mix and seems to make the most sense. Although it doesn't change how much I hate this.

In another juicy Post article, posted over at MSNBC, it seems that there is a bitter falling out going on in the Republican party. Imagine that! It seems that the President has friends that are dropping him. Kenneth Adelman, who had at one time toasted the Prez and Dick Cheney for their successes and Iraq policy is now no longer speaking to any of them. He had a huge falling out with Rumsfeld, no longer speaks to Cheney and holds the Prez responsible for what he calls, "The debacle in Iraq". He further went on to say,"....this did not have to be managed this bad. It's just awful. There are a lot of lives lost". Seems that more and more the people from his own camp are taking off the rose colored glasses. A sad wake-up call, don't you think?

I guess I am just not ready to jump on the Obama band wagon. People are just crazy. They get an idea in their head and just run with it. Sen. Obama may be the "flavor du jour", but I am not ready to vote for the man for President. Yes, he is dynamic and a great speaker, but not experienced enough for me. Now, that may not be a bad thing when you consider career politicians. I intend to get one of his books to read over Christmas break. I am sure he is very intelligent, as he comes across that way, but he may need a little more experience under his belt.

All you golfers out there may want to add these to your holiday wish list. I guess these types of things are for those who have everything!! What say ye golfers out there?


Anonymous said...

FYI, the golfer link doesn't seem to work.

I'm not hot on Obama, either. Let him spend a little time in the Senate, then we'll see.

I'm about ready to back John Edwards, I think. But, there's still time to change my mind if someone I think might be more suitable comes along.)


Dharma said...

I agree Mixter. Saw Edwards on Daily Show, few nights ago, and he was excellent. Not that that is entirely how I make my political judgements!! :-)

How was the wedding?

Anonymous said...

Wedding was a blast! A good time was had by all!