Monday, November 13, 2006

Falling Hurts

Unfortunatly part of the weekend, with my mom, involved falling down. Happily it wasn't her, but sad to say that it was me!! Falling is not fun. Especially when you are falling on asphalt!!

We were at the grocery store getting yummies to enjoy while watching a movie. Nothing like some wine, yummies and a chick flick with mom.

We were walking to the car. I had a paper bag in my left arm, a plastic bag with the wine and beer in my right hand. Mom was carrying a paper bag and walking to my right and just a few steps behind me. next thing I know I am falling. Left arm is not able to stop the fall because of the bag. So I hit the parking lot VERY hard. Full weight on left knee and some weird arm/shoulder hit. Right palm got some road rash. It did hurt!

As my mom is laughing and asking what happened I watch a soliatery can of beer go rolling across the parking lot. Nice. Who looks like a drunk? Even better when some elderly lady picks it up and walks it back over and sits it next to me on the ground!!

I got up, but could feel the roadrash under my jeans and the knee already hurt like hell. Got home and opened the bottle of wine, a Lindeman Shiraz, and watched "The Lake House" with my mom. Can't go wrong with a nice wine, pizza and Keanu Reeves. Talent be damned, I just like to look at him. I have found that he has and continues to age very nicely.

Now, on Monday, the knee is all black and blue and other assorted colors that one would associate with a bruise. I gave away all my shifts at coffee mega giant except Thursday night and Sunday. I have a very huge test on Wed. 109 questions over cardiac arrest and airways. Much material and I am going to study for several days. we are also meeting at the hospital, on Wed., to get all of our info about signing up for our hours there and the paperwork involved etc.

SO has returned from Oman and brought back great newspapers to read from that part of the world. So much better than the stuff we get here. More news as well as balanced and complete. Also some excellent photos of his camel trip into the desert. Sand and jewelry.

I am also excited that I might be able to actually read some papers this week and catch up with politics. In the meantime I rely on you guys to keep me up to date!!


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

Sorry to here about your fall...the elderly lady setting the single beer can down next to you is a great story in itself and LOL crazy...That wouldbe a hell of a story to tell around a campfire.I found kissing boo-boos makes them better.I have been wanting to see The Lake it worth it's wild(while?)?I am glad you have a chance just to chill with your family-good luck at school

Mixter said...

Sorry about your whoopsie! But, I'm glad it wasn't your mom; that would suck even worse.

Good luck on the test!