Friday, December 01, 2006

The Debate Rages On.

It seems that before the Republicans pack up their belongings and clean out their desks they are going to schedule a vote on a fetal pain abortion bill. I am tired of this debate. Why do the Republicans feel that it is their job to legislate this issue and the gay marriage issue. Why are these two items the main stays of their platform? The fact that some of them will insist that under no circumstance should a woman be allowed to abort. Incest and rape included. They would actually insist that their own wife or daughter carry a child from a violent act? They would force her to endure 9 months of remembrances. To then do what with the child? Give it up for adoption? Do you think these guys would raise it in their upper class homes and neighborhoods? I think not.

There will always be scientists etc. that they will be able to find who can argue for both sides of this issue, so I do not even want to get into the science of it. I just want to be able to continue to have a choice.


Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...

Of course if a republican's daughter wanted to have an abortion ,she would get one...they don't have to live by the same rules that they want us lowlifes to life by

Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dawg said...
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Number Six said...

I consider anything the Great Do-Nuthin Congress, well, anything they do prior to kick-out, as nothing more than sour grapes parting shots. How many tries at abortion? Flag burning?

Idiots. Worse, they still don't get it....they LOST!