Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Home Stretch & Other Stuff

Here we are closing in on the end of the month. It seems like I just started this class and was terrified that I would not make it through. Now, I am amazed at what I know and what I am retaining. I just did not think I could do it. Tonight I am taking my last big unit test before the end of class practical. Tonight is 190 questions all about trauma and bone injuries. This is the easy stuff!! The end of the year practical test is Jan. 20th. Just about a month away. Then I just have to take the online test p[ortion, whenever I can scedule it and find a test site that I don't mind driving to, and it will be all about the waiting game for grades and then finding that job.

Monday night, while waiting for class to begin, I was talking with a guy in my class. he seems to be a bit older than me, professional guy, I thought he seemed smart. he has traveled much. We were talking about looking forward to break and I mentioned that I might like to read Barak Obamas first book and see what the hub-bub is about with this guy. He said something like," You better watch out. That guys middle name is Muhammad or something like that". The tone of voice was one of caution. I was surprised. I felt like he was saying that the book spouted some kind of inflamitory rhetoric. So, I came home and looked him up on the internet. His middle name is Hussein, but his father was from Kenya and mother American. No wayward or crazy radical leanings. I still plan to get it for myself, Christmas gifet, and read it. I am still not getting on the band wagon and rushing him in to office. He might be a refreshing voice, but one with little experience. Although, at times, one wonders what the difference?

Got two big boxes wrapped last night. After 2 rolls of paper and almost an entire roll of tape. I told you I was bad!! Thick corners. I did add some ribbon and make it all frilly & nice. Had a nice red wine whilst in the act of wrapping. It was fun. next weekend I plan to do the rest. Listen to my friends holiday cd and get a bottle or two of my fave red wines. Go to town!! Even though it is 0 outside and all the snow is gone and it is raining i starting to get really excited for the holiday. They gave me the 24th off at the coffee mega giant and we are closed on the 25th. Nice.

My girlfriend heard from her son in Iraq. He is right there in the heart of it all and I am happy for her every time that he calls home. each time I hear of more Marines killed I just hope & pray that I do not get a call from her. He just turned 21. Another server at her restaurant has a daughter in 1st grade and they are sending him cards and letters for Christmas.

Have any of you heard about the 4 year old in kindergarten that got sent home for sexual harassment? A teachers aid filed the complaint and alleged that when she hugged him he put his face across her breasts. I am not sure, but doesn't that happen sometimes when you hug a kid and you happen to be a woman with larger breasts? They said it was the youngest person ever charged. Well, duh. I don't remember what state, maybe Texas, but if any of you have heard about it maybe you might weigh in. At 4 thay can not even comprehend that action taken by the school. Tha father, on a radio show, said that the school officials would not even discuss this with him and just suspended the kid. Personall I think 4 year olds are too young anyway to be in school. We waited until our son was 6 as boys do tend to be more immature anyway. He probably was just acting like a typical 4 year old getting a hug. Whatever!!

A Saturday Night Live DVD set just got released and it is the first 7 years. I am seriously thinking about getting it for us for Christmas. It is all the great stuff from the beginning. Excellent guest hosts and really good music. Richard Pryor is a host and he and John Beluhi do the Samuri Hotel and it is the first show where the samuri character is introduced. Classic stuff. It is 70 bucks though, so I will have to give that some thought, but it would be great to watch. I remember babysitting, when that show first came out, and wondering,"What the heck is this show?" I think I was about 12 or 13 at the time.

Well, coffee is about cold, dogs would like walked and I have to start with the flash cards.

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