Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wisdom of Dharma & Greg

Who would have expected to have a personal revelation while watching old re-runs of Dharma & Greg, one of my fav old shows, on some cable network on a day that was an absolute waste? With workers here all day fixing the roof etc. I was homebound and did not even bother to look presentable.

As anyone could tell, from my blogging, yesterday was a day of personal reflection and questioning. For a few of us it seems. Well, the episode of Dharma & Greg was where she had a vision that told her she had to go out and find out who she really was. She finally resolved that she is many things to many people. They see her as each of them thinks she is, but that doesn't define the "real" her! She is who she is and that is all she can expect of herself.

Let others see you as they wish, but that doesn't mean that that is who or what you really or totally are. People will see you in the way that is easiest and most convienient for them. A quick assessment and they draw the conclusions as to who or what you are. As they said in The Breakfast Club,"you see us in the easiest most convienient terms, a brain, a princess, an athlete, .............."

I see myself as a teacher, whether I am working right now or not, and I may not be in a classroom, but that does not stop me from teaching. I am doing that right now, I will do it somewhere else today. I am a student. At some time today I may learn something new.

We are many, many things. It is hard not to let others tell us who they think we are or what we should be. So, what if you are currently unemployed? It is only someone's way of thinking that demeans your current position. You are other things to other people. Your lack of physical employment does not change the person that you really are.

I am becomming a student again, but that doesn't make me a loser, or flighty because I am choosing a new path. Sure, I could go out and sub in schools, but I don't choose to go out there and support "teaching to the test" systems. I don't want to deviate from the type of schooling and student that I prefere to teach. I have family members and friends that think that a career change, at this juncture, is silly. Well, I have news for them... this is what I want to do and be. I feel a certain call to this type of service to humanity. I know that I could make it an easier road for myself to travel, but I am not wanting to go that way. Remember the "road less traveled?" That is the road that I want to take.

Whether it be friends or family don't let them decide what you should be doing or who you should be. They may offer opinions,but you know best. You REALLY do!! It can be hard to make your own trail , but I think in the long run you will come out of it happier. Isn't that what we ultimately want? Our happiness? If others enjoy the ride with us, fine, but only you know what you want and will be happy with.

So be you.


thedrew102 said...

Dhrama,these are amazing words.Words I took to heart.Thank you for them.

Mixter said...

Truer words were never spoken.